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II Workshop on Revitalizing Commerce in Vicálvaro


The presentation of the event was carried out by David Ortega vice-rector of University Extension of the URJC, who thanked all the participants, the Madrid City Council and the merchants association Rediscover Vicálvaro present at the event for their work.

Next it was the turn of Concepcion Diaz de Villegas, CEO of Commerce and Entrepreneurship of the Madrid City Council who highlighted the excellent work of putting the universities in contact with the reality of commerce in each of the districts: "Cities are what they are based on their commerce, which is why a great  job  of the URJC together with the association Rediscover Vicálvaro and the rest of the merchants for the revitalization of commerce in the area.”

Next Louise Reyes, coordinator of the University Social Responsibility program of the URJC, He introduced us to the projects participating in the day.

During the central presentations, the 13 participating teams had the opportunity to publicly rehearse the presentation of their end-of-degree project focused on improving Vicálvaro's retail trade, in 4-minute shifts and in a format elevator pitch. Among the proposals presented we can highlight: the creation of common spaces for commerce, social innovation projects, revitalization of traditional markets, home delivery services for retailers, branding and communication proposals, new business models, actions that reward recycling and good environmental actions, projects for the integration of older people with young people, etc.

Once the presentations were over, a space for debate was held between students, the university, the city council and participating associations. In it, the extraordinary value of sharing university talent with other entities for the improvement and imposition of this sector was highlighted.

Finally, in the common area of the nursery, the “corners from networking” in which the students answered questions about their project in a personalized way with the attendees and an environment of networking among all.

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