Inauguration of the exhibition #reciclaFUTURO


Manuel Fernández, the ideologue of this collection, has had the participation of 20 current figures, Lóles León, Cayetana Guillen Cuervo, Anabel Alonso and Rossy de Palma among others, who have donated unused garments for subsequent recycling and the creation of new ones.


IDF Foundation promoter of the initiative has the WOMAN program, implemented in the Alcalá Meco I Women's Penitentiary Center, through which it works in different training areas, including fashion. Thirteen inmates have been chosen to participate in this creative and training workshop led by Manuel Fernández, who has transformed these garments to teach recycling techniques in fashion. For almost  two weeks the transformation process of the 20 donated pieces has been developed.  


There has also been the collaboration of Felipe Vivas from Tolentino Haute Hats, who gave a Master Class for the Creation of Headdresses and Hats for two days, completing the total look of each suit.


In the second part of the project, the recycled costumes were subjected to artistic intervention by  20 plastic artists of recognized national and international prestige, in charge of turning them into authentic works. Among these artists are Rafael Canogar, Okuda, Grimanesa Amorós … and also 6 French artists who belong to the Casa de Velázquez Academia de Francia in Madrid who participate in the development of artistic and scientific exchanges between France and Spain. All these costumes will be photographed by Paco Peregrin who will undoubtedly create another work of art with their images.


The exhibition with the costumes recycled and turned into works of art was inaugurated on December 4, 2017 at the Real tapestry factory, and was attended by Concepción Díaz de Villegas, General Director of Commerce and Entrepreneurship of the Madrid City Council, who showed her support for the project and its inclusion  within the initiative Madrid Capital of Fashion.


The exhibition can be visited until February 7, 2018 at the Royal Tapestry Factory.


The costumes will be auctioned to raise funds for the FDI Foundation