The technological trends that will define the future

The technological trends that will define the future


  • The benefits of being aware of these trends are diverse and range from anticipating changes to improving customer connection.


Being at the forefront of technological trends is essential for entrepreneurs since, in a dynamic market, they will have the opportunity to grow and prosper in their businesses. The benefits of being aware of these trends are diverse and range from anticipating changes to improving customer connection.


These are some of the main advantages:

Anticipate changes

By knowing emerging trends, changes in the market can be anticipated to proactively improve adaptation and facilitate informed decision-making on the evolution of products, services or business strategies.

Business opportunities

By identifying these latest technological trends, niches or areas of innovation will be found where we can offer solutions that respond to these emerging trends.


Staying up to date provides a competitive advantage. This allows us to offer updated, more efficient, innovative and attractive products or services to consumers.

Protection of differentiation

The improvements introduced in technological processes or products, which have involved an investment in R&D, will only be profitable for the company if it can obtain a financial return for their exploitation derived from protection rights such as trademarks, patents, industrial designs and /or copyright.

Efficiency and productivity

Adopting the latest trends improves operational efficiency and increases productivity in business operations, resulting in significant savings of time and resources.

Connection with the client

It influences the way customers interact with companies. Therefore, it is important to identify and adopt these trends to improve the customer experience and strengthen the relationship with them.

Constant innovation

Staying updated fosters a mentality of continuous innovation, achieving the creation of pioneering products or services.

Risk reduction

Identifying and understanding trends allows you to make informed decisions, reducing the risks associated with technologies. Furthermore, those protection rights that may have been acquired by the company through its corresponding registration (whether trademarks, patents or industrial designs) will help maintain exclusivity in the market that prevents their use, manufacture or exploitation without the consent of the owner.


Right now these innovations and trends have intensified with the expansion of artificial intelligence (AI). Thanks to this advance, growth, protection and the generation of value in companies will be improved with effective and secure operations in relation to customers and business models. Correctly applying these developments can offer greater confidence in the safe use of AI with more sustainable and higher productivity actions.

Among the notable trends are:

AI TRiSM: AI Trust, Risk and Safety Management.

Using it allows you to move more AI projects into production, realize more business value, and improve model accuracy and consistency.

CTEM: Continuous Threat Exposure Management

A pragmatic and systemic approach to continuous adjustment to cybersecurity optimization priorities. This approach to security aligns exposure assessment cycles with specific business projects or critical threat vectors.

Sustainable technology

Environmental technologies prevent, reduce and adapt to risks in the natural world.

Platform engineering

Construction and operation of internal self-service platforms, optimizing the developer experience and accelerating the delivery of value. Additionally, it optimizes the developer experience and accelerates the delivery of business value.

Industrial cloud platforms

Personalized and specific proposals for information management, adapting to the needs of each company.

Increased connected workforce

It consists of a strategy for optimizing the value provided by human personnel through the establishment of the use of intelligent technology. Workforce analytics and upskilling accelerate and resize talent creation.


The trends of 2024 can be classified into three broad categories:

Investment protection

Protect the benefits of strategic technological decisions of the past and future so that they are durable, through decision-making and the protection of strategic intangible assets for the company, either through Industrial Property and/or Property Intellectual.

Boost for developers

Train staff and developers to create solutions using the appropriate technology for each department.

Value delivery

Perform a cycle of improvement and acceleration of value optimization to maintain operational excellence.


The decision to adopt these new trends should depend on business objectives and an assessment of where the company is at. In this way, real value will be generated that helps enhance and protect business success.