Manuela Carmena visits the Prosperidad Market


The mayor of Madrid, Manuela Carmena, together with the councilor of the Chamartín Municipal District Board, Mauricio Valiente and the General Director of Commerce and Entrepreneurship, Concha Díaz de Villegas, visited the Prosperity market which continues its modernization process with the incorporation of new premises and activities, many of them with tasting, and with improvements in services and facilities.
Carmena has been interested in the daily functioning of this market, the type of public that comes to buy, and has highlighted the enthusiasm of the merchants because “they like the market and it is getting better and better. It is reaching young people and that guarantees their future. “It is becoming what we wanted: a place where families buy food, have a snack, meet their merchants and where the relationship with the neighborhood is respected.”
The Prosperidad market is located at number 81 López de Hoyos Street, one of the main commercial hubs of Chamartín. It was inaugurated in 1954 and completely renovated in 2015, thanks to an investment project that has allowed us to go from occupancy of 39% to more than 85% and the launch of three more new activities.
The market concessionaire, the Merchants Association, has worked intensely to preserve its traditional activity, joining the new trends in commerce with the creation of the gastronomic space Gastromarket which is made up of nine establishments, among which several spaces specializing in international delicacies stand out, such as Argentine crumb sandwiches or the so-called “Mexican snacks”, along with other international cuisine establishments such as a Brazilian tavern or an Italian pizzeria to which They add a croquetry shop and a place specializing in sweet and savory pastries, among others.
It also has twenty traditional supply and accessories stores: a chicken shop, two butcher shops, three fruit shops, a variety stand, two delicatessens, one dedicated to dairy products, another to local products. deli and one more to Italian products. A clothing alterations store and a fashion accessories store add to the network of stores, which include eight open outdoor stores, including the San Ginés chocolate shop and an organic bakery.
All of these actions are being a pole of economic attraction in their area of influence and are a revitalizer of an important commercial artery such as López de Hoyos Street and whose compacting and unifying center is the municipal market, which has also hosted initiatives such as Market Chef , a training and employment center in the restaurant and hospitality sector, which also hosts cooking workshops for children, adults and families.