Marketing Case Competition – Young entrepreneurs come together to generate innovative marketing strategies


The conference was intended to find the most original idea to launch a new platform for comparing technological products and home appliances from Azaldu. Something innovative was sought, that would attract attention and that would serve as a creative concept for the launch of the brand.


The competition was developed with 10 teams of four people, each team pretended to be a marketing agency and worked intensively during the day, to create a marketing plan for the client company (Azaldu), which is going to launch a new business, in this case, a platform for comparing technological products through the Internet.


Training on the marketing plan

In the first part of the day, each of the 10 participating teams received training from javier esteban, teacher of the King Juan Carlos University, about the main elements, techniques and good practices when developing a professional marketing plan.


He "briefing

Next, Carlos Magraner Ubieta CEO of Azaldu, made a briefing explaining the service that your company will provide, how it works, its target audience, the promise or benefit that they expect from the marketing campaign to be developed, the positioning that they hope to achieve and the company's communication tone. HE  indicated that the campaign budget was 20,000 euros and the concept to be developed by the students (at least three key marketing actions with at least one within Social media.)


Let's do it

With this information, plus a round of questions from the attendees;  each one was clear about their “mission” and they got to work to create the marketing plan and the most innovative actions possible.


To do this, they had two 1-hour work sessions in which they were advised by both Azaldu staff and their marketing agency. Ecommerce Logic, and professors from the Rey Juan Carlos University.


Once these two sessions were over, each of the 10 participating teams presented their proposals in 8-minute turns, before a jury made up of members of the Rey Juan Carlos University, Lógica Ecommerce and Azaldu.


And the winner was...

Once the presentation of the projects was finished, the jury announced the two winning groups of the “Marketing Case Competition” with a prize of €400 for the winning team “sellers” and €200 of the second prize for the team “offcam”, all this with the future possibility that the participants collaborate in a real campaign to launch the business of the startup.


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