Presentation of the book "See you in the market", a guide to the food markets of Madrid


Food markets are not only a tourist resource, they are much more. The book tries to show a different city through this route through its traditional shops that invites us to look at it with different eyes, to seek new experiences, to surprise ourselves. Madrid is much more than what we already know. And the soul of a city is in its markets. In short, the book proposes not only to visit Madrid, but to feel it and live it, through the markets of Anton Martin, Beautiful valley, Saint Anton,  Peace, Saint Ferdinand, Barcelo, barley, wonders, Chamberí, chamartin, The Montenses, and other gastronomic spaces such as the Mercado de San Miguel, Platea, San Ildefonso and El Huerto de Lucas.

The presentation was attended by Concha Díaz de Villegas, General Director of Commerce and Entrepreneurship of the Madrid City Council, who highlighted the importance of municipal markets for the economic and social development of the neighborhoods and invited attendees to learn more about them through the book by Blanca García Henche.

Blanca García Henche is a professor and PhD at the University of Alcalá, a vocational teacher and an expert in tourism marketing. He explained that the main motivation for writing this book was to publicize and keep the Madrid Markets alive and show the city in a different way. The book has been financed via a crowdfunding campaign and has had the collaboration of shopkeepers and merchants from the capital for its realization.

The act ended with the signature by the author of the books to the assistants.

If you want to know more about the book, click here.