Presentation of the Strategic Plan for Municipal Markets


Guarantee the economic viability of the municipal markets,

Strengthen and maximize its social role, complete and consolidate the renovation of market infrastructures and its technological modernization, consolidate its role as a benchmark in the distribution of top-quality fresh food and a benchmark commercial format for new trends and shopping habits. consumption in relation to healthy eating, and contribute to the sustainability of the environment. These are the five main axes in which the Strategic Plan for Madrid Municipal Markets (2017-2021).

Based on the diagnosis carried out by the technicians of the General Directorate of Commerce and Entrepreneurship, whose work and effort have been essential to carry out this Plan in the words of its Director, 17 strategic lines have been defined that will materialize in 57 actions, many of them they already started. The municipal network has 46 markets, in 17 Madrid districts, with an occupation of 79% (2,774 premises), 1,949 companies present and a number of jobs that reaches the figure of 4,284 jobs. 



The Madrid City Council considers it essential to promote the brand Madrid markets as a sign of quality, incorporating new initiatives into the activity of these facilities that generate added value to the shopping experience as well as the expansion of products in line with the new demands. That is why 3 types of initiatives are defined to be taken into account:


  •  Economic viability and digitization: measures that attract new entrepreneurs to maximize the occupation of market premises and  increase the number of people. The plan contemplates the active search for synergies between establishments in the same market, lines of aid for the renovation of premises, without forgetting tax discounts. It is also necessary to bet on promoting the implementation of ICTs in all markets by incorporating new services such as Wi-Fi, home shopping, ecommerce (Market47), Apps (Mercadmad: IOSAndroid), visibility on the Internet (One Business Place), digital training (nurseries  of companies and program be digital
  • Social and environmental responsibility: strengthen the traditional role of the market as the vital center of the neighbourhood; achieve full accessibility; finalize the incorporation of the markets to the network of heart-healthy spaces that began in 2017, promote the training and specialization of professionals in the food distribution sectors; increase actions aimed at strengthening the relationship between municipal markets, healthy eating and the Mediterranean diet.  

  •  Stake: The preparation of the plan has been agreed upon through a participatory process in which the associations of consumers, merchants (food, distribution and municipal market merchants themselves), the Madrid City Council of Commerce, have collaborated. the management of the Municipal Markets and the different Government Areas, Autonomous Bodies and District Boards involved.


The presentation was also attended by the Delegate of the Government Area for Equity, Social Rights and Employment, Marta Higueras and members of different political groups with representation in the City Council.



You can download the plan at open government