Sepiia wins the MAD+ 2019 Award


With this award, Madrid wants to contribute to the recognition of original, creative, innovative projects that generate social and/or environmental impact to promote and promote social entrepreneurship, as well as the generation of employment and increase in the economic activity of the country, contributing to the promotion of this new type of entrepreneurship .

Social entrepreneurship is an essential tool to provide solutions to many challenges and needs posed by today's societies. The European Union defines the social entrepreneur as one whose objective is to produce a positive and measurable impact, social, environmental, or both. Entrepreneurship is not easy, but social entrepreneurship faces additional difficulties. Aware of this reality, the Madrid City Council announces these awards (#PremiosMADMas).
In the III edition of the MAD+ 2019 Award, the first prize went to sepia for its contribution to responsible production by manufacturing garments from an ecological, human and technical point of view that require less care, endowed with a cash prize of 20,000 euros.  The second prize went to SileNole for his contribution to the fight against violence, helping families, schools, children and adolescents to banish bullying, endowed with a cash prize of 4,000 euros.

In his speech, Miguel Ángel Redondo, echoed the "recognition by the Madrid City Council of these projects and companies that promote change towards a better city of Madrid" and highlighted the "effort of the participating projects to innovate, create jobs and improve life of all”.

On our page of Facebook We have published an album with the photos of the event.