TALENTANK and MMARTINYCA, winners of the Entrepreneurs Award 2015


This Wednesday, December 16, the demoday of the finalist projects of the V edition of the Entrepreneurs Award 2015.

The Vivero de Empresas from Puente de Vallecas, aimed at the textile and fashion sector, has been the scene of this final and the place where the ten finalists selected in the month of September have shaped their idea for two months, working on its development with the advice and mentoring of Maria José Navarrese of weddingbook and Mar Barbero, of ESADE.

The Director General of Commerce and Entrepreneurship of City of Madrid, Concha Diaz de Villegas, opened the day congratulating all the finalists, and highlighting that they already have the best partners "enthusiasm, creativity, imagination and desire to carry it forward", in addition to the help of the spaces and the training received that contribute to success. “The Madrid City Council is proud that the women who are sure to succeed in developing their project have chosen this Nursery to start their project”.

Isabel Garcia-Zarza, National Head and Society of YoDona, thanked all the finalists for their creativity and recognized that this final is only "the beginning of a path of success, of seeing your project and your enthusiasm culminated"

Pilar Rock, International Business Development Director of Womenalia Spain, the social network of professional women, recognized that “the path of entrepreneurs is hard, long and intense. But if something doesn't work out, recalculate and move on”. And he concluded by encouraging all the attendees since “women today are the second world economic power. The 21st century is the golden age of women”.

The Deputy Director General of Entrepreneurs and SMEs of the Madrid City Council, Star Martin, Y samary fernandez, Publisher Area Luxury and Lifestyle of Publishing Unit, were in charge of presenting the finalists, who in three minutes presented their project to the audience and later answered the jury's questions. A jury, with a very difficult task to choose the winners, due to the high level of all the finalists.

Of all of them, the software Talentank, by Rebeca Rico, aimed at getting to know the employees better and optimizing the selection processes, was made with the Award in the General Category. Rebeca was very grateful and dedicated the award to her team and "to all the entrepreneurs who have paved the way to get here, and those of us who are still there to walk it".

In the category of Fashion and Beauty, María Martínez, creator of MMartinyka, sandals made by hand with the traditional 100% process from Menorca and with recycled tire soles, won the award.

The two winners have been awarded with a one-year stay at one of the entrepreneurial centers of the General Directorate of Commerce and Entrepreneurship of the Madrid City Council; sponsorship for a year of a successful entrepreneur – Lupina Iturriaga, creator of the app Fintonic, godmother in the General Category, and the actress and designer Nerea Garmendia, in Fashion and Beauty – and testimony on the Womenalia website: interview publication, advertising on Womenews, display and dissemination on their social networks.

In addition, the winner in the General Category will have access to a training program of the Villanueva University Center and the winner in the Fashion and Beauty Category will have free membership for one year to the project Label MÑ ModaSpain, which includes tuition, annuity and first thousand labels.

Martha Michael, director of I donate, concluded the day recognizing great work, both by the two winners and the finalists "You represent the best of female talent: good ideas with a practical sense, essential values for entrepreneurship\». And he commented that as a special prize, in this edition it will be the 10 finalists who will have a space in the Entrepreneurs section of Yo Dona magazine, in which they will be interviewed to give visibility and a media push to their project.

In the General category, the finalists were Beatriz Justo, with metrikea, which captures information on the behavior of customers in an establishment to improve sales; Claudia Espino with 00 limits, a mobile application with information on accessibility to improve the lives of people with disabilities; Mireia Badía, with Grow.ly, an \'online\' community in which private investors can choose the SMEs to which they lend their money and Rita Alonso with Dommuss, another mobile application, in this case to help organize the tasks and needs of the home among all the members of the family.

In the Fashion and Beauty category, reached the final María Jiménez with Go fans go!, fans with a fun and very careful design; Marta Carruesco with Bee Bee Babies, garments for babies that adapt to different sizes so that they have a longer useful life and thus make them more sustainable; Hannah Rodríguez and Sonia Ruiz with the jewelry brand Gold&Roses, which combines gold and semi-precious stones at affordable prices; and Esther Segura and Tania Tárrega with Slow Artist, a sustainable clothing brand that employs women at risk of exclusion.