Usyncro opens office in the United States



  • Usyncro is a multimodal SaaS solution company to digitize the supply chain by democratizing access to technologies such as Blockchain, machine learning and AI
  • This company is housed in the Carabanchel business incubator
  • Usyncro was the winner of the second prize of the 2021 Emprendedoras Award and a second prize of the Madrid Impacta 2022 award

We love to share that Usyncro, a company housed in the Carabanchel business incubator, opens a branch in the United States with the help of partner Genius Visionary Inc.

Genius Visionary is a global vision-based conglomerate that began with management consulting and expanded with strategic investments in the healthcare, technology, pharmaceutical, and supply chain and logistics sectors. This vision fits perfectly with Usyncro's objectives of achieving a sustainable supply chain through the digitalization of logistics management.

Krishna Mohan, president of Genius Visionary, visited Usyncro a few weeks ago, a clear sign of interest in the technology developed by the Spanish company, especially for its usefulness in improving supply chain management at a global level. In addition to Mohan, representatives from the United States embassy in Spain, the Chamber of Commerce and the Single Window for Internationalization (VUI) participated in the meeting.

«Adding Genius Visionary and, above all, Krishna Mohan's global management knowledge and his prestige as an entrepreneur and thought leader, we are convinced that opening up in a market as dynamic as the American one will undoubtedly be the boost we need for digitalization takes hold in the sector," he stated. Cristina Martín, CEO of Usyncro.

“We are excited about this strategic partnership as we will change the landscape of the logistics industry. This collaboration unites Genius Visionary's business acumen with Usyncro's innovative logistics platform, offering customers a seamless and efficient way to manage international shipments, backed by the security and transparency of blockchain. We will make the global logistics industry efficient by bringing transparency, speed and cost-effectiveness,” added Krishna Mohan, President, Genius Visionary.

This announcement coincides with the presence of Cristina Martín Lorenzo, CEO of Usyncro, at eMerge Americas, a technology fair that is being held these days in Miami, in which a delegation of Spanish companies participates with ICEX, and VUI.


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