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Workshop: dynamization of commerce in Vicálvaro


The presentation was carried out by Concha Díaz de Villegas, general director of commerce and entrepreneurship of the Madrid City Council: "this learning/service project arose in 2017 to bring the reality of entrepreneurship and commerce closer to university students", for the future Concha commented that the City Council tries to improve the program "we work to encourage end jobs degree allow the commercial revitalization of Vicálvaro and constitute the first professional recognition of the student“.

The projects, which are proposals derived from the end-of-degree projects, have been based on the methodology design thinking with the idea of improving the business models of the merchants of the Vicálvaro district and the approach of the university public to this type of business. 

At the end of the day, the students of the Rey Juan Carlos University presented their end-of-degree projects:

  • Profile of consumers and students, needs and commercial offer: ambassador and virtual market
  • Action plan for the revitalization of trade in 7 steps
  • Restoration: new design proposals and impact measurement
  • Organization of pop up\'s
  • Commerce and technology: a solution through interactive digital totems
  • Sport as a tool to boost trade

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