SME Accelerate Plan

COVID-19 Accelerates SMEs

SME Accelerate Plan

Given the situation we are experiencing due to COVID-19, many companies are having to adapt their work by establishing alternative remote working mechanisms so as not to stop their activity.

Teleworking is a great challenge for many companies, which is why the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation will launch a financing program for the corresponding material by activating aid and credits for SMEs within the program Accelerate SMEs of the public company, in order to articulate a set of initiatives in collaboration with the private sector to support SMEs in the short and medium term.

How can this plan help you if you are an SME that has had to adapt your work to teleworking due to COVID-19?

The Accelerate SMEs plan provides support to speed up the digitization process of your company, offering different resources to SMEs that range from advice to training. Specific:

  • Creation of an information channel of resources for digitization, and specifically for the application of teleworking solutions, through the portal Accelerate SMEs
  • Expansion of offices of the Digital Transformation Offices program and improvement of personalized advice and support services for SMEs.
  • Launch of the Accelerate SME – Talent program to reinforce training.
  • Support for the creation of technological solutions for the digitization of SMEs: line of aid to promote R&D&I business leadership of Spanish digital companies.
  • Financial support for digitization, through ICO lines for the purchase and leasing of equipment and services for digitization and teleworking solutions. Companies will be provided with financing of up to 200 million euros through the Official Credit Institute (ICO) to meet the financial needs of SMEs in their activities and investments, for the purchase and leasing of equipment and services for digitization, among others, and, in particular, for the provision of work solutions no presential.




Royal Decree Law 8/2020 of March 17

This information is indicative, not binding in any case. It is conceived as information to support entrepreneurship. It is recommended to check the official regulations and, where appropriate, study and consult each specific case.