Simulator and business plan manual

business plan

Here you will find two useful tools that will allow you to develop your business idea.

through the Business plan manual (PDF) We show you the basic steps to launch a business idea. It is recommended to read the manual as a previous step to use the simulator.

Business plan simulator

It is an excel document to download, which is completed as an example to serve as a guide for the entrepreneur, these data must be replaced by those of your own project.

Download the Business plan simulator (excel). When opening the sheet, the question “Enable macros?” to which you must answer affirmatively to be able to enter your own data.

Fill in the different sheets of the excel document, you only have to fill in the boxes or fields that appear in yellow; when you print them you will obtain your business plan layout.

* Instructions to follow for the introduction of images in the marketing plan sheet, to replace the location map and photo of the example: place the cursor on the image or the location map, when activated press the left button of the mouse, it will appear a window for you to select the new image file to replace the one in the example.