La Caixa: social microcredits from Microbank

Intended for entrepreneurs to finance self-employment projects, small businesses and micro-enterprises.

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Requirements: Provide a business plan and a favorable feasibility report from the collaborating entity, in this case the Madrid City Council. Apply online for your appointment with us.

Banco de Sabadell: startup loan for entrepreneurs

Aimed at promoting business creation and self-employment.
The start-up loan is an exclusive Banco Sabadell product for startups that can only be accessed by referral from the Entrepreneur Unique Window.

Created for all types of projects including those with an innovative technology base.
Its purpose is to support the medium-term financing of the initial investment necessary to carry out the projected economic activity.

Characteristics: Maximum funding: It can reach up to 100%. As a general rule, a guarantee will be requested

For a maximum term of 5 years:

  • Interest rate: 5,00%. APR:5,30%
  • Opening commission: 0.50%
  • Study commission: exempt
  • Possibility of 1 year grace period

For a maximum term of 3 years:

  • Interest rate 3,50%. APR: 3,82%
  • Opening commission: 0.50%
  • Study commission: exempt
  • Possibility of 1 year grace period

It can be requested by entrepreneurs and businesswomen advised at the Single Window for Entrepreneurs and at the advisory offices of the network of business incubators. Also, those that are housed in the business incubators and those that make use of the pre-incubator services and shared business spaces.

Those who have received advice on self-employment from another Madrid City Council service may also opt.

Requirements: feasibility report issued by the Single Window for Entrepreneurs in which the favorable assessment of the business project advised by Madrid City Council services will be included.

Other financing lines

ICO Companies and Entrepreneurs Lines

Financing from the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness aimed at the self-employed, companies and public and private entities, both Spanish and foreign, that make productive investments in national territory and/or need liquidity.
The funding may be used for:

  1. Liquidity: working capital needs such as current expenses, payroll, payments to suppliers, purchase of merchandise, etc.
  2. Productive investments within national territory

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ENISA lines

ENISA actively participates in the financing of business projects viable and innovative. It has 3 lines:

  1. Young Entrepreneurs. Aimed at young entrepreneurs who want to create companies. Objective: to provide the necessary financial resources to recently established SMEs, created by young people, so that they can undertake the investments required by the project in its initial phase.
  2. Entrepreneurs. Aimed at entrepreneurs who want to create companies with a clear competitive advantage. Objective: to financially support SMEs promoted by entrepreneurs, without age limits, in the early stages of life, so that they undertake the necessary investments and carry out their project.
  3. Increase. Aimed at supporting the business projects of companies interested in expanding their business or achieving competitive improvement.


Financing for SMEs and freelancers

  • Entrepreneurs Line to promote the creation of companies in the Community of Madrid, on viable and profitable business projects, in terms of generating wealth and employment.
  • International Line: implantation abroad that helps and allows SMEs to establish themselves in other countries, thus facilitating foreign trade and exports.
  • Line for Madrid trade to offer small businesses in the Community of Madrid agile financing, fundamentally to invest in their business and also to obtain liquidity. Beneficiaries: micro-SMEs and self-employed small businesses (up to 10 workers) who carry out their activity and/or make the investment within the territorial scope of the Community of Madrid.

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Specific grants for R&D&i activities

Aid and recognition of innovation

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