Microbank social microcredits

Intended for entrepreneurs to finance self-employment projects, small businesses and micro-enterprises.

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Requirements: provide a business plan and a favorable feasibility report from the collaborating entity, in this case the Madrid City Council.

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Other financing lines

ICO Companies and Entrepreneurs Lines

What does it finance?

  • Investment projects, business activities and/or need for liquidity or expenses.
  • Digitization projects and, in particular, those aimed at promoting teleworking solutions included in the program Accelerate SMEs.
  • Rehabilitation of houses and buildings.

For whom?

  1. For freelancers and entrepreneurs.
  2. Individuals and communities of owners.

More information and other possible lines of financing at:

Summary infographic of the ICO plan

ENISA lines

ENISA actively participates in the financing of business projects feasible and innovative. Have 5 lines:

  1. Young Entrepreneurs. Aimed at young entrepreneurs who want to create companies. Objective: to provide the necessary financial resources to recently established SMEs, created by young people, so that they can undertake the investments required by the project in its initial phase.
  2. Entrepreneurs. Aimed at entrepreneurs who want to create companies with a clear competitive advantage. Objective: to financially support SMEs promoted by entrepreneurs, without age limits, in the early stages of life, so that they undertake the necessary investments and carry out their project.
  3. Increase. Aimed at supporting the business projects of companies interested in expanding their business or achieving competitive improvement.
  4. AgroInnpulse. Aimed at promoting the digital transformation of companies in the agri-food sector and the rural environment. 
  5. Digital Entrepreneurss. Aimed at promoting female digital entrepreneurship.


ENISA Infographic


Financing for SMEs and the self-employed.



Madrid Endorsement Infographic