Simplified access to Social Security via SMS

Simplified access to Social Security via SMS


  • Social Security offers the possibility of accessing 65 essential services by sending SMS to your mobile phone


With the aim of simplifying the administrative procedures that the self-employed face, the Social Security has introduced several measures, including the possibility of access services by sending SMS to the mobile phone. This initiative arises in response to the lack of digital authentication means for some independent workers who, at times, are limited in their management options and administrative procedures.

To facilitate this process, Social Security allows access to 65 essential services by sending text messages to your mobile phone. This approach seeks to provide an effective solution for those self-employed people who do not have managers or agencies to carry out their procedures.

The implementation of this measure becomes particularly relevant at a time when Social Security does not allow the request of prior appointments, which further complicates the communication of important information. Faced with this challenge, the telematics solution using SMS emerges as a practical and accessible alternative.

How to communicate your mobile phone number to Social Security electronically

To register the mobile phone, you must register it by sending a request from the official website of Social Security.

This link requests:

  • An email.
  • Identity document (DNI, NIE or passport)
  • A computer, tablet or mobile phone with a camera to take a photograph and upload it to the website from the Social Security portal itself.
  • Documentation related to the procedure that has been selected (in this case, a document that justifies the ownership of the mobile line).

How to carry out the procedures through an SMS

Once inside the service or procedure portal on the website, the “via SMS” option must be selected. Next, the identification proceeds by entering the following data:

  • Type of document (NIF or NIE) and identity document number.
  • Birthdate.
  • Mobile phone number.

If the data is accurate and matches that registered with Social Security, including the previously communicated telephone number, an SMS with a one-time password will be received on your mobile phone. Subsequently, by entering this password on the service's website, said service can be accessed, guaranteeing secure and efficient authentication.

The list of services available through this channel is extensive and covers everything from procedures such as registration, cancellation, data changes, certificates or the possibility of consulting the status of the process of a requested benefit, to more frequent procedures such as the application for the European health card. This wide range of options seeks to address the diverse administrative needs of freelancers.

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