Learning in a Coffee Break from the experience of Javier Llordén


Last Friday, May 19, a Coffee break (#CBreakMAD) in the Vivero de Empresas of San Blas. The guest has been on this occasion Javier Llorden Romero, an entrepreneur with whom he has developed his professional career in the Internet sector, and who has worked both in large multinationals and in successful Spanish startups, mainly in charge of the commercial and sales area.

Javier has been an advisor to the founders of The Red Fridge during the years in which it was revalued and sold to the German accelerator Rocket Internet Group for 80 million euros in 2015 (which later sold the company to Just Eat). Javier Llordén has also been Commercial Director at infojobs, photohouse, cars.net, milanuncios and Vibbo; as well as Director of Sales in Nortel Networks and in Telefonica Data Spain.

Success and failure. Learn from mistakes
Javier Llordén warns that \»the Internet sector is not easy. Success stories are usually seen, but not others\", and clarifies that \"I have not \"succeeded\". I have made many mistakes along the way, and I have learned from them.

In this sense, Javier says that \»I really like cooking, which is why I set up a restaurant. I failed, but I learned that in this type of business, location is critical.

Javier considers that \"people have a tendency to look at what doesn't work, what you should do is look at what works and replicate it\".

 Solutions for everyday life
In the opinion of Javier Llordén, one of the keys to entrepreneurship is to find solutions to the problems that everyday life poses. And he gives as an example the case of one of the founders of Netflix, who had to pay a high penalty for returning a DVD to the video store after the deadline. The solution was the well-known American streaming entertainment content company. Or that of the founders of La Nevera Roja, who were tired of always ordering pizza for dinner.

Teams and motivation
\"To have partners you must share the same values with them as a person,\" says Javier Llordén.

Regarding motivation, Javier considers that \"if I have a lot of motivation for something, I have a competitive advantage\". And as for motivating others: \"The more you can motivate, the more attractiveness you have\".

the value of the internet
Javier is clear that \"technology is a layer to build businesses on top of it, it is an enabler, but not an end\", and that \"on the Internet there is something fundamental: having a value proposition. If you have it, you will be able to monetize that value\”.

More photos of the event here.