Acceleration programs start in San Blas and Vicálvaro

Acceleration programs start in San Blas and Vicálvaro


  • Madrid Emprende business incubator acceleration programs have boosted more than 250 startup towards business success
  • Discover how these projects are diversifying innovation in key areas such as technology, sustainability or education


The business incubators of San Blas and Vicálvaro have started the IV edition of their acceleration programs, marking the beginning with an exciting welcome day, held last Thursday, April 11, in which the 20 selected projects participated.

acceleration programs

In a context of constant innovation and growth, this edition has selected a group of entrepreneurial projects that are revolutionizing various sectors with their creativity and commitment to excellence. From tourism to art, including artificial intelligence, these emerging companies represent the vanguard of entrepreneurship in Madrid.

Over the next four months, these projects will receive free, personalized support and plans, designed to enhance their lines of business and overcome the challenges they face on their business path. Guided by mentors, trainers and experts in various areas, participating entrepreneurial projects will have access to a wide range of resources and tools to boost their growth and maximize their impact in the market.

They will also have access to events and activities networking, in addition to being able to use the facilities of the company incubators, such as the work areas.

As a finishing touch to the four training months, the respective demo days, where the finalist projects will have the opportunity to present their business ideas before a jury of experts. These events, scheduled for July 16 and 17, will be a showcase for the innovation and creativity of entrepreneurs, demonstrating the great potential of Madrid's business community.

Participating projects of the San Blas business incubator

  • Clink: an innovative platform that connects buyers and bidders, redefining the way the best deals are discovered and shared online.
  • FusionFood: simplifies the search for suppliers for newly created restaurants through a marketplace intuitive, saving time and resources.
  • second: Pioneers in sustainable fashion, they transform surplus textiles into new and desirable garments, collaborating with brands to reduce their environmental footprint.
  • Always Everyone: a collaborative platform that promotes accessibility, providing information on the physical, organic and sensory accessibility of premises and businesses.
  • The American Fan: urban fashion brand with global reach, offering quality garments inspired by iconic elements from cities around the world.
  • Full Color: offers a unique experience by integrating NFC chips into art paintings, allowing users to learn about the creative process behind each work.
  • Ready Bot One: platform to install conversational assistants in Shopify stores, simplifying interaction with customers and improving the shopping experience.
  • Place Up: Gamified learning platform that combines live classes, hands-on activities and assessments to deliver an immersive learning experience.
  • Retown: agent of change that seeks sustainable, inclusive and prosperous territorial development through innovative services and projects.
  • Technex: business fintech specialized in developing software advanced to improve the quality and security of financial investments.

Participating projects of the Vicálvaro business incubator

  • DeepFarm: intensive livestock monitoring platform that uses artificial intelligence and computer vision to improve productivity and animal well-being.
  • Ideanto: company marketing, communication and technological development, specialized in digitalization solutions for the HORECA sector.
  • PeopleArtFactory: platform for designing and disseminating art exhibitions in a digital environment, allowing users to create personalized virtual exhibitions.
  • Mindsaic: develops artificial intelligences capable of interacting and executing actions based on the conversation held with them, offering innovative and efficient solutions.
  • 360Steppers: creates tourism experiences with virtual reality based on cultural and historical aspects, taking tourism to a new level of immersion and authenticity.
  • Calpech: produces iron nanoparticles from agricultural waste for use in renewable energy, decontamination and fertilizers.
  • SinapSysTec Digital Solutions: develops projects aimed at improving business efficiency through advanced technological solutions, such as the computer vision NEURALIS®, based on artificial intelligence.
  • Skyjet VR: offers virtual reality experiences to discover the most emblematic places and impressive landscapes of Spain from the air, fusing immersive narrative, cinematographic techniques and VR technology.
  • WIoT nautical: uses LORA LORA/WAN technology to locate and track vessels in real time, improving security and preventing theft and loss.
  • Wertyk: marketplace from tokens backed by real assets, which uses technology blockchain to democratize investment and generate liquidity in the market.


With the careful selection of these new projects for the acceleration program, Madrid Emprende reaffirms its unwavering commitment to promoting entrepreneurship and innovation.

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