Coffee Break with Antonio Hermida from Ideal Centers


Antonio Hermida In just 15 years it has come to have more than 400 employees, 100 centers, 2 beauty chains, the distributor Dibea Estetic and the communication agency Dibea Creativos, among others and all, due to the drive and desire of this entrepreneur, as he defines himself, who in a close and relaxed way has been telling us about his experience as an entrepreneur since its inception.
From being about to set up a pastry shop, going through the idea of producing foam rubber bears, his career as an entrepreneur began, setting up a video club. The project did not go well, but it was this failure and everything he learned from it, the basis for being able to continue undertaking in a more efficient way. From the video club premises, the beauty center arose. Antonio worked at the reception and his wife, Cristina, did the treatments. Thus, along with other things, it was the genesis of what the Ideal Centers are now.
To undertake, he tells us, you don't always have to have a lot of money, you have to have good ideas and a lot of desire.
There is a fundamental moment in all this path; the growth of his company was so great that there came a time when the project saturated him. At this point he decided to stop and hire a coach of feelings management. He learned that it is what he wanted for himself and that there comes a time when you cannot dedicate the 80% to being an entrepreneur and the 80% to being a manager. He had to decide if he was a manager or an entrepreneur. He realized that what he really wanted was to undertake, so he decided to hire a CEO to manage everything he had undertaken and take it to another level, that is, to professionalize the company.
When it comes to undertaking, he tells us not to stop dreaming because we never know where those dreams are going to take us. Entrepreneurship for him is a lifestyle, constantly thinking about bringing new ideas and new projects forward.
Finally, he left us this advice, we must not stop fighting for our dreams because then we will be unhappy, whatever happens, whatever they say, we must continue fighting for them.
After his presentation, Antonio shared a coffee with the attendees enjoying a very pleasant time with all those who attended this very interesting Coffee Break.
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