Coffee Break with David Nogueira CEO of Nestrategia


David is a speaker, trainer, salesperson and team manager. He has dedicated himself to the commercial world and online marketing as CEO of your consultancy Nstrategy. In addition, he has 9 years of experience, and is certified in SEO by woorank and in SEM by Google.

Nstrategy, is an agency of Inbound Marketing and search engine positioning (SEO) located in Madrid. Their business consists of carrying out tailor-made marketing strategies, they have a 2-hour free consulting service for their clients as added value.

At the beginning of the session, the attending entrepreneurs shared, in the format of Elevator PitchWhat does your entrepreneurial project consist of? Likewise, they shared their professional contact card so that after finishing the session it was made easier for them to carry out a networking among them.

During his speech, David told us that despite not having formal training, the world of sports always caught his attention. marketing digital. It was that passion that led him to start his own business: “During my life I have been self-taught, which has allowed me to have a broader vision, a 360º vision, of those services that are useful to clients." he pointed.

His entrepreneurial stage has not been without its ups and downs: “During my professional career I started several projects and I went bankrupt several times. The most important thing is to keep in mind that entrepreneurship is an uncertain path, but that we have to walk it with enough courage to always get ahead.”, he pointed out.

In your case, and in a world as competitive as that of the marketing on-line, the crisis represented an opportunity after the closure of many agencies and a way of being able to differentiate from the competition: “Specialization is my recommendation if we want to dedicate ourselves to providing differentiated services on the Internet and succeed”, “Having official certifications such as Google's, even if they are not strictly necessary, generate greater confidence in order to be hired by future clients, they open many doors for us” he confirmed to us.

Once the exhibition was over, the attendees shared a coffee and a session of networking in the common area nursery Puente de Vallecas.

The event was broadcast live on our Facebook page, you can check the video of the session.

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