Coffee Break with Eduardo Carabaño, director and founder of Online Zebra


Eduardo tells us that at the beginning, the platform that helped him get clients, that opened many doors for him, was Linkedin “we focus a lot on Google, but there are more efficient ways to get clients”.

Like many, it started with very little investment and a lot of time and work. He did it all: marketing, reporting, accounting, hiring, and as he says, that was his biggest mistake. A key moment in the beginning is when making the decision to hire. It supposes an investment, more expense, less profit, but it is the only way to invest in your business thinking of growing. We have to invest in hiring, we can't do everything and we don't know how to do everything.

When hiring, he follows a philosophy in which the person's motivation is more important than their skills. In the online marketing sector, people are needed who are crazy about research, about processes, about spending hours in front of a computer, discovering competition, content, links, professionals who get fully involved in their clients' business to help them Get more customers through Google. And this can only be achieved with motivation and commitment to the goals of its clients.

It tells us that doing good SEO takes a long time. Part of a strategy, without it, you are lost, of choosing a good platform that has tools that help us in our work. For a service company, WordPress is recommended. The generation of content is a fundamental part of this strategy, not only in creating the content that is appropriate to the needs of your client or your company, but also in the periodic updating of that content. We cannot publish content sporadically, when we see blogs, chats, websites with outdated content or with old dates, what we do is close that website and go to another.

Digital marketing is a job that requires staying up to date. Google is constantly changing how it measures, how it searches, what it considers. It is aware of the devices, the history, the geolocation, each time it tries to provide a better user experience and for this reason we have to be very attentive; what positions you today, maybe tomorrow no longer, and we must be agile enough to be able to move quickly.

In the world of SEO, both to grow your business and to grow that of others, you must know perfectly what your/their business is, your/their competition, and make a good strategy for both on page What off page.

Eduardo told us about the importance he gives to reviews, to those opinions that can be good, but also bad. We must be aware of what they say about us to value it and react appropriately.

The creation of processes must be a fundamental point within the development strategy of any company, be it large, medium or small. For example, at Zebra, any email from a customer can take no more than two hours to reply to you. It is a process, a way of working, and it cannot be skipped.

Another point to which he gives great importance is customer service. From their point of view, it is one of the greatest opportunities to give added value to your company. In Spain, according to his experience and compared to other markets, we neglect this aspect a lot, so he recommends that we value this aspect in our projects since it can make us stand out from the competition in a very visible way.

After his presentation, Eduardo shared a coffee with the attendees, enjoying a very pleasant time with all those who attended this very interesting Coffee Break.

If you were unable to attend, you can check the video of the session on our website. Facebook.

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