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Coffee Break with Fausto Escrigas CEO of NinjaMails


Fausto Escrigas, a computer engineer with a degree from the CEU San Pablo University, has developed Ninjamails, the first professional email App capable of locating the email address of a company professional.

Ninjamails was selected by the Instituto de Empresa as one of the 10 projects with the greatest potential in Europe, for which it has created a powerful Big Data algorithm, statistics and artificial intelligence, which allows them to be offering our clients a success rate of 97% in corporate emails and a slightly lower figure in personal ones.

What Ninjamails does is manage communication via email between anyone who wants to send information by email and a company or another person. They have two lines of business: a tailor-made service for companies and institutions and another through their website, where anyone can enter their platform and manage their own shipments.

At the start of Coffee break, and as a methodology so that the attending entrepreneurs could carry out a subsequent networking and thus make the most of the session, a presentation was made by the entrepreneurs, following the model Elevator Pitch.

In the central part, Fausto indicated that, according to his experience, the four pillars when starting a business are: "Fear (losing it), seriousness, method and illusion." He also commented that one of the problems when starting a business is the "posturing" of some entrepreneurs, and that problems were found when carrying out very expensive pilots with large companies or brands at the beginning of their activity. As a positive and key aspect, he highlighted the need to not get stuck in a single product or service and pivot based on the needs of our customers and the market.

Another aspect in his presentation was to highlight the fact that the speed of placing services on the market is significantly reducing, as an example ninjamails which was profitable in 12 weeks since its launch, the service is thought of as a high cost service, but the ROI or return on investment for the client is very high. Within this section, he emphasized that "the constant validation of new services, products and procedures within the company is critical to achieve success"

Finally, Fausto commented on the need for the entrepreneur to be excited and believe in his project before embarking on the search for capital for his project "If you do not have an exciting project, it is difficult to sell it and get financing"

You can find more information about Ninja Mails: https://www.ninjamails.com/

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