Coffee Break with Federico Sainz de Robles, founder of Sepiia


The Villaverde business incubator hosted a new appointment of the Coffee Breaksde Madrid Emprende with Federico Sainz de Robles, founder of sepia, technical engineer in industrial design from the UPV (Polytechnic University of Valencia), fashion designer from the IED (European Institute of Design) and master's degree in new textile technologies from AITEX (Textile Technological Institute) together with the CEU Cardenal Herrera University.

After the usual presentation of those attending the event, among which were some with projects related to the world of fashion and textiles, Federico held an exhibition of what Sepiia is, an entrepreneurial project with 3 years of life that already has with a team of 10 people.

Sepiia offers functional and sustainable garments for daily use, developed with its own textile technology that repels stains and odors, requiring less care and generating minimal environmental impact. Because Sepiia is committed to sustainable production in Spain and monitors the carbon footprint of the product from its design and manufacture until it reaches the customer.

With more than 15,000 garments sold and having generated more than 1 million euros in turnover, Federico commented that Sepiia intends to delve into B2B and companies interested in its technology for uniformity, open a physical store to get to know the customer better, relaunch its line of women's clothing and take a leap in its internationalization.

All of them very important challenges if they want to maintain the sustainability values that made them worthy of the MAD+ Award 2019, awards that recognize entrepreneurial and innovative projects that generate social and/or environmental impact.

During question time, Federico, when asked if they were thinking of producing other types of clothing or footwear, advised those present to set themselves a single goal to "do one thing, but do it very well".

After the event, Federico shared a coffee with those attending the event with whom he was able to exchange ideas in a more relaxed way.

If you were unable to attend, you can check the video of the session on our website. Facebook .

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