Coffee Break with Gisela Fortuna


Gisela Fortuna She is the director of different companies, among them, Work Experience Fashion, where she manages to merge her extensive experience in training and her facet as a creative and designer. Graduated in fashion and textile design at the University of Buenos Aires, she has completed her studies in Spain with a master's degree in advertising and corporate identity at UCJC and is currently researching for her doctorate in design methodologies applied to the fashion and technology sector. .

Work Experience Fashion, is a company dedicated to providing experiences for professional development in the international arena. It makes available to its clients different experiences from paid work practices and oriented towards the field or company style that suits your needs and goals in life to business trips focused on different branches.

Gisela Fortuna He highlighted those elements that he considered most relevant within his entrepreneurial process and subsequent consolidation as a company within the training and fashion market, among them we highlight the following:

·         \”Our company was born when we realized the great difference between what they offered training related to fashion and what the market really demanded\”

·         \»Investing part of our profits in improving our marketing and sales channels is essential for maintaining our business over time”

·         \”Going to other countries helps us learn marketing techniques, seeing how others do it is always very enriching\”

·         "Positioning our brand as a lifestyle and not as a mere product, allows us to sell more profitably"

·         “Conduct surveys, know the feedback and get indicators, it is essential to know what our customers want and thus be able to adapt"

·         \»Pivoting our products and services is a fundamental part of our strategy to survive as a company. Continuously thinking about new products and services, or improving the current ones, is a fundamental part of the entrepreneur's life\»

·         \»The most important thing as entrepreneurs is to know who we are and what we can contribute differently from others

Once the practical part was over, the attendees shared a coffee and a session of networking in the common area of the nursery.

The event was broadcast live on our page Facebook, so you can consult this or other related videos, in case you are interested in enjoying the event in full.

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