Coffee Break with IphoneDroid


Yesterday, September 28, Jorge Rodelgo, CEO of IphoneDroid, shared his experience as an entrepreneur within the cycle Coffee break celebrated in the Vivero de Empresas from Puente de Vallecas.


IphoneDroid is a Spanish company dedicated to the development of platforms and applications for mobile devices that began its journey as a Startup within the Vicálvaro Business Incubator in 2009.


With more than 600 projects developed, 11 million app downloads and 12 awards, iPhoneDroid is a national benchmark in the development of mobile software, apps and SaaS platforms.


In addition to turnkey development, one of iPhoneDroid's business models is based on offering a SaaS platform for creating mobile apps. They are currently exploiting the trend of developing intranet, human resources, and B2E applications for mobile platforms for employees of large companies.


In the session, Jorge Rodelgo answered the doubts of the attending entrepreneurs, regarding financing, talent retention and technical and organizational aspects, which allowed them to learn about the best practices of a leader in the sector and thus be able to apply them to each of the businesses. of the people attending.


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