Coffee Break with Luis París founder of Parclick


parclick was created to meet the needs of all those drivers who are looking for parking spaces, on the one hand, it helps car park operators fill empty spaces and, on the other hand, it helps customers find parking at an affordable price with the use of a same card for multiple car parks.

The co-founder and CEO of parclick, Louis Paris He was born and raised in Venezuela, where his family has a long legacy of entrepreneurship. In 2003, the Industrial Engineering graduate moved to Spain to launch his career. Luis worked in various roles, including management consultant and service delivery manager at Hewlett Packard, overseeing a team of 100 employees around the world, until founding his own company.

To start the day, the attending entrepreneurs shared in the format of elevator pitch what their project consists of. They were able to leave their professional card and, in this way, after finishing the session, they were able to carry out a networking and generate synergies between all of them more effectively.

Luis told us how he left his job to pursue his passion and how his initial business model for Parclick was born: “Our business model arose from the real need of not being able to park on one of my trips to Barcelona, during a concert. When we started we had operations problems, but not sales (the service promise worked very well among our clients)”.

One of the aspects that he highlighted during his presentation was the initial difficulty of obtaining financing: "Getting the first €50,000-100,000 was the most difficult and we achieved it through enisa”.

Knowing the market is another of the aspects that we highlight from his presentation: “After ten months, we had a very broad knowledge of the sector, something vital to setting up any business. In our case, this allowed us to pivot to adapt to the specific needs of the market”.

Luis told us about his first steps: "In 2013 we settled in one of the business incubators of the Madrid City Council, when we already had a team of 5 people on staff”. “The hardest thing I have faced as an entrepreneur has been laying off professionals in the sector and I think that it is an important skill that we must have as businessmen, we must be honest with our employees,” he added.

Marketing and communication is another of the pillars of his company: “We initially made ourselves known with a strategy of sponsored links. We currently have a physical presence in more than 6 countries”.

Finally, he warned us that competition on many occasions, especially in services or emerging markets, is positive: "In the initial phases, sometimes it is good that there is competition, competition does and creates the market."

Once the exhibition was over, the attendees shared a coffee and a session of networking in the common area Carabanchel business incubator.

The event was broadcast live on our Facebook page, you can check the video of the session.

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