Do you know B2B?



  • B2B is the acronym for business to business
  • East marketing is oriented to the sale of products and services between companies, not directly to the consumer


Definition of B2B

B2B is the acronym for business to business, the marketing oriented to the sale of products and services between companies and not directly to the consumer; as opposed to B2C, which refers to the business to consumer.

Basic principles

These are the three principles of marketing B2B:

  • Create personalized experiences in communication channels:

It will be a differentiating element from the competition and, currently, the emotional connection influences the confidence for decision-making. By doing so, you'll improve the customer experience, drive business, increase consumer loyalty, and create consistency.

  • Offer useful content of value to your customers:

For B2B companies to be able to offer useful and valuable content to their customers, they must not only upload content on their website and on social networks. In B2B it is essential to develop webinars, ebooks, infographics, success stories or video tutorials.

  • Set goals and key metrics:

It is important that each company clearly determines its objectives and goals. In order for the objectives they set to be successful, try to make them specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and with a time limit (SMART).

Characteristics of B2B marketing

These are the characteristics of B2B:

  • The needs of buying companies are based on objective factors, such as profitability or productivity.
  • Client companies are fewer, with a more segmented spectrum, a fact that makes it difficult to spread the message among potential potential clients.
  • The purchase decision is a long process, since it can involve various departments of the company in decision making.
  • In B2B there is no impulse buying, which results in a lower purchase frequency.
  • Promotional events (fairs, congresses, etc.) continue to form part of the marketing B2B.


Some of the best B2b strategies are:

Strengthen brand identity

Companies with a strong corporate image have greater business opportunities with other companies.

increase presence on-line

A greater presence on-line achieve a larger audience. SEO, SEM campaigns or improve the marketing content helps this strategy, since they will provide useful value for customers.

campaigns of e-mail marketing

The emailing segmented manages to reach the potential audience and it is operational to use the specific tools, with personalized emails. An attractive subject, a call to action, good audience segmentation and a good design can be positive elements for a good campaign of this type.

contact database

A good database provides contact with customers of interest to the company. In this process, recruitment is key, along with the definition of the buyer persona.