Do you know the new version of the electronic PAE?

electronic pae


  • The new version of the electronic PAE portal presents great improvements that facilitate the creation of companies and registration as self-employed electronically, among other services

Launch of the new version of the electronic PAE portal

The General Directorate of Industrial Strategy and Small and Medium Enterprises (DGEIPYME) of the Ministry of Industry and Tourism has just launched the new version of the electronic EAP with great improvements that facilitate the creation of companies and registration as self-employed electronically. This portal is the electronic headquarters for access to the application that allows the incorporation of companies and registration of self-employed workers called CIRCE, a unified electronic processing system, created in 2003 by the DGEIPYME.

This new version of the portal provides great changes of added value for entrepreneurs and specialists at the Entrepreneurship Service Points (PAE) given that:

  • It facilitates access to the CIRCE unified processing system, whether for individuals or PAE specialists.
  • It incorporates three search engines with updated information:
  • It has a new training classroom very complete where you can find videos, tutorials, training pills and infographics to learn about the different legal forms that companies can adopt, as well as the different steps that must be taken to complete the single electronic document (DUE) within the processing system of online companies CIRCE.
  • It also offers important information such as:
    1. The administrative procedures for the start of activity will depend on the type of activity and the place where it will be carried out.
    2. Start of activity for foreign people, companies and entrepreneurs from the European Union or outside the European Union.
    3. Procedures to be carried out for the change of registered office of a company, for the change of corporate name, to increase capital, for the appointment and dismissal of directors, or for the change of activity of the company or the corporate purpose carried out by the company . It also provides information on the steps to take to close a company or, as an option, it facilitates access to the transfer of companies (connecting supply and demand) in which Madrid Emprende participates, which promotes the continuity of viable small and medium-sized businesses in danger of disappearing due to problems other than economic ones (for example, due to retirement or change of professional direction). In this way, the loss of economic capital and jobs is avoided.
    4. Accounting, tax, labor or security obligations, such as data protection, security obligations: cybersecurity or equality obligations.
    5. Certifications and accreditations important for companies.


Madrid Emprende Entrepreneurship Service Points (PAE)

The Entrepreneurship Service Points (PAE), including those of Madrid Emprende, facilitate the creation of new companies and registration of self-employed workers, the effective start of their activity and start-up, as well as the provision of information, processing of documentation, support , training and support for financing and business internationalization.

Madrid Emprende has the PAE at 140 Príncipe de Vergara Street (Madrid) and the points located in the business incubators in the Madrid City Council network which can be accessed through the appointment.

The PAE specialists help entrepreneurs fill out the single electronic document (DUE), through the CIRCE system, which unifies more than 25 forms with administrative data that are sent to all the administrations competent in the creation of a company or in registration as self-employed, the procedure being completed in a time range that goes from 1 day to 10 days, depending on whether statutes and standardized deeds are used or not. In this way, the entrepreneur will no longer have to intervene anymore, nor go to any other administration nor give his/her details again except for visiting the notary.


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