Do you know Puerta Innovación?


Door Innovation is open to entrepreneurs and companies that want to be part of a collaborative ecosystem in which energy and mobility sector.

Located at Calle Toledo, 110, in the Centro district, it offers, on the one hand, free co-working spaces for hosting innovative projects and, on the other, the free use of rooms for holding events such as conferences, round tables, workshops, work sessions and the like, on topics related to innovation.

At the same time, it is open to integrate the neighbors who want to participate in the activities and scheduled services.

Both types of activity contribute to the diffusion of innovation in the city and to enrich the ecosystem of innovation in it.

This space has three floors distributed in rooms and flexible and free work areas, where the startup they will be able to develop their projects.

One of the floors will be focused on coworking, with 158 m2 divided into 28 shared spaces.

The center also has a 64 m room2 and spaces designed to host large events such as conferences, round tables, meetings, workshops and work sessions.

Focused on energy and mobility (urban, air and aerospace), Puerta Innovación will also include industry 4.0 and technology applied to the financial, food and health sectors, among other specialties.

Among the range of services for entrepreneurs housed in the center, personalized attention, access to networking and direct connection with other players in the sector: universities, research centers, public administration, companies and businesses. Information and advice will also be provided for external entrepreneurs in relation to their projects: technical-business procedures, subsidies, aid, etc.