DEDOMENA AI, candidate to be one of the best in the world



  • The company DEDOMENA AI, housed in the Villaverde business incubator, among the 48 Spanish startups candidates to be the best in the world


A committee of renowned investors and innovation experts have selected a hundred emerging companies from among more than 4,700 applications from around the world, with 81 being % of the applications from outside Spain. To proceed with their selection, they have been based on criteria such as their level of innovation, their scalability, the internal growth potential, the ability to attract investment and their human team.

These hundred companies will enter the final phase of the South Summit Startup Competition Madrid, 2024, co-organized by IE University, where they will have the opportunity to make their pitch before the most relevant leaders and actors of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, including corporations and investment funds, in addition to connecting with other startup and learn first-hand about the latest trends in the world of innovation.

The company DEDOMENA AI, housed in the Villaverde business incubator from Madrid Emprende Since 2020, it has developed technology that allows companies to extract superior value from their data files without compromising the privacy of their customers. For now, they apply to the banking, health and pharmaceutical sectors with the proposal to monetize data assets.

The Spanish company DEDOMENA AI


Dedomena's platform, whose name means data in Greek, offers AI-powered solutions that simplify complex data flows and deliver significant competitive advantages to businesses, making data and AI optimal and accessible to everyone. The purpose of the project is for companies around the world to use Dedomena to, through AI and synthetic data technologies, democratize and exploit the most important assets today: data.


The project was born at the beginning of 2021, when researching different approaches to data anonymization and interviews with more than 50 executives and colleagues from banking entities and fintechs revealed that synthetic data generation was the technology that could truly solve the problems of enabling data access securely and consequently accelerate the development of AI solutions, while improving performance and ensuring privacy.

During this process, a wide range of additional use cases were also discovered for retaining statistical information in the data even if users will leave the institution, using it for stress testing and pre-cloud migration tests, replacing production data by synthetics in software development and QA (avoiding security breaches), balancing of samples for training models machine learning reducing bias or data monetization, reaffirming the future project's commitment to this technology.

By September, Dedomena had its first paying client and had raised a small round pre-seed of 75,000 euros. During the following months, new ones were incorporated early adopters that with his feedback and needs helped add new functionalities to the product. The team began to grow, reaching more than 10 people today: mainly engineers and mathematicians.


Before the end of 2021, NVIDIA accepted Dedomena into its program to startup of AI (NVIDIA Inception Program) and Google Cloud considered it startup key by offering free infrastructure for a year under its Google Cloud for Startups program in a few months.

2022 brought more milestones, such as being a finalist for the best startup of 22@, be the winner of the SofIA program, which opened the doors to working with BBVA, or be selected among the 10 best startups of the year in the El Referente awards. In May Dedomena closed a round seeds of half a million euros.

In 2023 the platform was launched as a pure SaaS globally, the market was expanded to LATAM, new functionalities and verticals were added. Dedomena increased its global and media presence. It also turned out startup winner of the VISA innovation program (VISA Innovation Program Europe), allowing us to reach potential clients and new opportunities. GRC Viewpoint named the company Top 10 Privacy Impact Assessment Solution Providers of 2023.

In 2024 it was a finalist in the Ibero-America Challenge Abu Dhabi, it has been integrated into data space initiatives such as Gaia-X Spain, it has repeated its presence at the MWC with Deloitte StarmeUP and has obtained ISO 27001 certification to offer services better and safer for its clients and users. It has also made progress in terms of strategic alliances with consulting firms such as Eviden/Atos, SDG Group or BDO and companies such as Qsimov to expand its technology to new spaces and regions.

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