Design your business plan with AI tools

Design your business plan with AI tools


  • Business startups are challenging and, in entrepreneurship, it is essential to address various areas of your business efficiently
  • Take advantage of AI tools to design or reassess your business plan


The world is constantly evolving, and what once seemed like science fiction is now a tangible reality. In this scenario of continuous changes, artificial intelligence stands out as a fundamental tool that redefines how we work, make decisions and relate to the environment.

For both freelancers and small and medium-sized businesses, it is crucial not to be left out and use artificial intelligence (AI) as a unique opportunity to optimize processes, reduce costs and boost competitiveness.

Benefits of using AI

Artificial intelligence offers five great benefits for SMEs:

  • Automation: AI automates repetitive tasks, freeing up time and energy for entrepreneurs.
  • Efficiency: allows you to focus on high-value tasks, applying the Pareto Principle ('approximately 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes') to improve results.
  • Analysis: anticipates market trends and customer behavior, essential for making decisions and adjusting strategies.
  • Personalization: facilitates total customization in various sectors, improving processes.
  • Marketing campaign optimization: it is a great tool to analyze data, segment customers and obtain a greater return on investment.

These benefits extend to various business segments and artificial intelligence can be applied to almost any aspect.

AI tools

For this reason, below are some artificial intelligence tools that can become key allies in the processes of any SME, thus providing them with a competitive advantage in the business world:

  • ChatGPT: It is the leading AI tool, useful for creating personalized ads, analyzing data, obtaining ideas and generating automated responses.
  • Salesforce Einstein: Integrated into Salesforce, this tool offers advanced predictions and recommendations in areas such as sales, customer service or marketing.
  • Kuki: It's a chatbot for digital commerce and is capable of guiding customers in the purchasing process, offering personalized recommendations.
  • Analytics Intelligence: AI implemented in Google Analytics, facilitating data analysis and decision making.
  • Krisp: Eliminates background noise during calls or online meetings, improving sound quality and clarity of communication.


Artificial intelligence has ceased to be futuristic and has become a palpable reality. Taking advantage of its power to compete in a globalized and dynamic market is already a necessity, and betting on AI can be the key to success in all businesses.

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