"The garden of flavor" initiative of Florette and the Madrid city council to promote healthy eating


The new edition will be located on the esplanade of the Barcelo Market from May 24 to 26, and in it the participants will learn from the hand of a Florette farmer the different planting and harvesting techniques, the origin of the vegetables, the daily work that is carried out in the field, while they know first-hand the 16 types of lettuce that the prepared salad company brings from its Navarran orchards. A nutritionist will also take part in these workshops who will explain the importance of eating well from a young age with healthy and tasty recipes.

In addition, and as a novelty, you can also enjoy a showcooking of recipes by experts from Acyre (Association of Cooks and Pastry Chefs of Madrid), made with vegetables and will give attendees the two latest Florette novelties: the 'Chef' salad and the 'Green & Red Canon Duo'.

During the presentation this Thursday, Concha Díaz de Villegas, General Director of Commerce and Entrepreneurship of the Madrid City Council, welcomed the participating schools on behalf of the mayor, Manuela Carmena. The City of Madrid has as "a priority objective" to attract the people of Madrid to the municipal markets, as they are possibly the best place to buy the ingredients for a healthy diet. "To achieve this goal, it is essential to promote public-private collaboration, an essential instrument that allows us to organize events such as this urban garden and the workshops that are going to be held in the market."

The presentation was attended by Babara Buenache Acyre's chef and Kitchen Channel  and has been energized by actor Miguel Angel Munoz.

Anyone who wants can come to see an authentic lettuce orchard and first live shoots in the heart of the city, from today until Saturday May 26.