Entrepreneurship and diversity in the Innovation Camp

innovation camp


  • The Carabanchel business incubator hosts the Innovation Camp
  • Secondary and high school students from four Madrid educational centers participated in the camp.


The Carabanchel business incubator has been the headquarters of Innovation Camp, organized by Nationale-Nederlanden and Junior Achievement Foundation, Y subsidized for him City of Madrid, in which 66 middle and high school students participated.

In this edition, young people from four educational centers (Colegio Orvalle, IES Margarita Salas, IES San Juan Bautista and SEK Ciudalcampo) analyzed three business models, service and product, related to the environment, human well-being and responsible communities. After getting to know them in detail, they chose which of them they would base their entrepreneurial idea on and created a prototype.

Additionally, during the day, the young people worked on their self-knowledge through a dynamic based on the Basadur test, a personality test that classifies the necessary creative profiles into four categories: generator, conceptualizer, optimizer and implementer. Once the test was completed, the students configured the teams to carry out the posed challenge, taking into account that the four creative profiles had to be present in all the teams.

For her part, Laura González, director of operations at Junior Achievement, gave a masterclass on “Neuroplasticity and growth mindset”. With this, the students discovered how learning occurs, what it means for our brain to be moldable and how we can improve our skills with practice.

Jury and awards

Finally, the teams presented their work to the jury, which chose the three best projects. During the awards ceremony, Estrella Martín, general director of Entrepreneurship of the Madrid City Council; Ana Porras, CSR & diversity specialist of Nationale-Nederlanden; and Lucía de Zavala, general director of the Junior Achievement Foundation, highlighted the creativity of young people, their innovative spirit, and the importance of the diversity of the teams to achieve the objectives.

With this activity, Junior Achievement and Nationale-Nederlanden, with the support of the Madrid City Council, aim encourage youth talent and creativity.

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