Fashion Startup Awards Ceremony


Concha Diaz de Villegas,General Director of Commerce and Entrepreneurship of Madrid, presented the Best Fashion Startup award to Javier Yuste from Binfluencer, a group of entrepreneurs whose mission is to make influencer marketing accessible, simple and objective for all companies. The finalists in this category were Samyroad and TrendyAdvisor.


Elena García Domínguez from Banco Sabadell presented the prize for the best E-Commerce Fashion Startup that went to, with Inés Larrea, CEO and founder, receiving the prize. Lafenestra makes available to its customers fashion and accessories emerging designers, with original and quality proposals. Other finalists were Carabela_madrid and Uttopy_Es.


The Best Fashion Tech Startup award went to WideEyestech. The other finalists in this category were Imersivo_twit, yumehub, NaizFit, and Cubelizer.


The #fashionstartupawards Trophy, designed by Laura Saldaña, #ecommfashionweek student, was modeled in 3D. The trophies were printed live with a BQ Spain Witbox.


fashionobiz, is a Spanish startup that has developed a social platform, whose objective is to generate value by connecting fashion companies with technology companies and investors.


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