I Women's Congress. Employment, Entrepreneurship and Microbusinesses


The Madrid City Council, through the  General Directorate of Commerce and Entrepreneurship, has collaborated in this event, both in the dissemination of the event preview in the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Madrid, and during the celebration of the event through social networks.

The day was led by Cristina Nuñez CEO of wowwoman and representatives of AEMME, with the presence of communicators such as the great Manuel Campo Vidal and speakers of the caliber of María Pérez del Castillo, Helena Díez-Fuentes, María Manzano, Yojana Pavón, Carmen Soler, Emilia Zaballos, among 33 other successful participants. They formed different round tables in which topics such as: personal development, professional development, strategic development, innovation and cultural transformation, women, entrepreneurship and SDGs, financing, finance and microfinance, success stories of female entrepreneurs, etc. were discussed.

After the success of the congress, its organizers AEMME have taken the following lines of action:

  • Creation of a HUB (Community) for Women Entrepreneurs Congress attendees, where they can interact with professionals, share doubts and experiences related to their Entrepreneurship Project.
  • Announcement of the development of the second edition congressional for him October 9, 2019.

If you want to consult the complete press release you can do so here:  https://goo.gl/zZQyFG