Impact Social Cup, the competition for social entrepreneurship

Impact Social Cup, the competition for social entrepreneurship


  • Competition aimed at startup with a social impact objective and created to promote SDGs 
  • Registration until May 15


If you are a startup with a social impact objective, created to promote SDGs in a current way, this is your competition. You can now register here until May 15 in the innovative social entrepreneurship cup where the best social impact entrepreneurs in Spain will be awarded.

The competition will have a great media impact and visibility so that the participating social entrepreneurs become references and examples for future generations.


The categories in which you can compete will be health and well-being, artistic sector and culture, training and education, leisure and entertainment, sports, investments and finance, energy and industry and global. It is important that you keep in mind that you can register in more than one sector, but if you are selected you must decide which sector you participate in.

In each category there will be two finalists selected from which, finally, there will be four winners who will distribute the prizes as follows: €40,000 for the winner, €30,000 for the runner-up and €20,000 and €10,000 for the third and fourth classified. This final will take place in Madrid's leading innovation space, La Nave, between September 20 and 21, open to the public and with a format of performance & pitch never seen so far.

What requirements must you meet?

The companies, startup and entrepreneurs must meet 3 requirements:

  1. Be constituted as a legal entity or registered as a natural person in Spain.
  2. Have an active business model with positive impact.
  3. Not exceed 5 years from the incorporation, as a company.

Which are the selection criteria?

  • Degree of innovation of the project.
  • Project feasibility and scalability potential.
  • Founding team.
  • Project communication.

What are the phases of the call?

The phases of the call will be the following:

  • Registration phase: from March 15 to May 15.
  • Selection phase: from May 15 to June 15. In this phase all projects will be reviewed and on June 1 the 40 projects preselected to participate will be published.
  • Competition phase: from June 15 to September 21.

Expert Panel

In this final event there will be a prior evaluation made up of a panel of experts such as Emilio Froján (Velca), Carlota Corzo (Lazaro), Paloma Martín (Hoop Carpool), Guillermo Martínez (Ayúdame 3D), Amaia Rodríguez (Gravity Wave) , Elena González (Microsoft), Antonio Espinosa (Auara Liux), Alberto Cabanes (Adopt a Grandparent) and Diego Isabel de la Moneda (NESI Forum).

Furthermore, once this first phase is passed, there will be a final resolution where there will be a high-level jury and it will be mediated by highly prestigious referees within the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem. Among these personalities will be the presence of Vicent Rosso (BlaBlaCar and Consentio), Josep Coll (Red Points and RepScan), Yaiza Canosa (GOI), Manu Marín (Livall, Aple, Telefónica, Wallbox) and Adriana Domínguez (Adolfo Domínguez).

In this final event there will also be leisure and gastronomic areas and you will be able to attend interesting conferences and networking where you will have the opportunity to meet others startup and successful entrepreneurs. Tickets to attend the event as a public will go on sale at the end of this month of April.

For more information about the call:

Madrid Impacta 2024 Award from the Madrid City Council

Remember, if you have a project social entrepreneurship  consult the prize participation rules Madrid Impacts, one of the lines of recognition from the Madrid City Council to social entrepreneurs.

Its purpose is to financially and socially support business projects with a real measurable impact promoted by entrepreneurs and social companies that, through a specific economic activity, address detected problems that society is facing and, especially, groups at risk. of exclusion or social or economic vulnerability and provide solutions to mitigate or prevent such problems.

If you meet the participation requirements, remember the application submission deadline: until May 23 at 11:59 p.m.

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