The company Efémera, winner of the 2014 Entrepreneurs Award


  • A total of 58 projects have been submitted to the 4th edition of this award organized by the Madrid City Council and Yo Dona magazine
  • The team selected by the jury will be sponsored by Amaya Arzuaga and will be able to settle for free in the Madrid International Lab incubator
  • The Unidad Editorial publication and Madrid Emprende have awarded a special mention to TakeCoffee

mayfly, a team of four women led by Lola Rua Ayllon, has been proclaimed by I donate and Madrid Emprende winner of the 2014 Emprendedoras Award. The jury did not have an easy time, since most of the 58 projects that aspired to win the award were very solid.
Born in a Madrid shop window, Efémera was born from a concern shared by a group of architects to devise an exhibition space that, beyond the traditional shop window, could generate emotions and leave a mark on the public.

As a reward for the talent and commitment shown, Lola Rúa will be sponsored during the next year by the designer Amaya Arzuaga. During the same period you can use the facilities of the Madrid International LAB, one of the seven Madrid Emprende incubators, and will access a training program of the Villanueva University Center tailored to your needs. In addition, you will gain wide visibility thanks to the interviews that will be published in I donate and on the social network Womenalia, which will support you during 2015.

The special mention has gone to Natalia Serrano, which is designing a social network specially designed to create contacts while waiting at airports, called TakeCoffee. An idea that in the future she wants to export to other places where people with similar profiles have to spend long periods of time waiting, which she proposes to take advantage of to create professional ties.

4th edition of the award
The Emprendedoras Award is a springboard that the Madrid City Council and Yo Dona make available to the many women who have a business idea and who only need a little support to move it forward.

The new businesswomen who have participated have received advice and mentoring for two months from the technicians of the business incubator that Madrid Emprende and Asecom manage in Puente de Vallecas. Subsequently, a committee of experts has assessed both the business plan and the originality of the idea and the capacity of the promoting team to undertake it.

It is an initiative that throughout its four editions has been consolidating and growing at the same time as the successive promotions of entrepreneurs that have passed through it. In this way, two valuable collaborators have joined the Emprendedoras Award since that first edition in 2011: the Villanueva University Center, Womenalia and the Santander bank, as well as important personalities from the business world; In addition to Mª José Navarro and Mar Barbero, who have guided the entrepreneurs in drawing up the business plan, this year Amaya Arzuaga has generously offered to sponsor the winning project.