The license to open a premises: how to apply for it

premises opening license


  • These are the procedures necessary to obtain the urban planning authorization title, better known as a premises opening license.


A common step for people who decide to start an entrepreneurial project is to establish themselves in a location, for any economic activity, whether to set up a service office, a hospitality establishment or a business.

Interested parties often do not know where to obtain information, the procedures necessary to obtain the urban planning authorization title, better known as an opening license, which can be obtained either by license or by responsible declaration, the economic implications or with whom they could carry out such a process. .

Where to start

The Ordinance 6/2022, of April 26, on Licenses and Responsible Urban Declarations of the Madrid City Council (OLDRUAM) simplifies these procedures, regulating two different ones. The ordinance tells you which one you have to choose according to the activity, the location or the works to be carried out.

Responsible urban planning declaration

The responsible declaration is a key document found in the Annex II of the OLDRUAM, which must be signed by the interested party, committing to comply with current regulatory requirements. This declaration takes effect from its presentation in the record as long as it is accompanied by the essential and mandatory documentation.

It is very important to complete this step to have your premises registered in the municipal census of premises. You can consult the information related to this instance in the following link.

Planning license

The planning license, in some cases, is the mandatory procedure, for example, in situations related to security, public health or protection of the environment and heritage. Before starting the activity and after carrying out the works, if necessary, the first occupation and operating license must be requested. This license has the purpose of ensuring, through inspection, that the activities and works are carried out as established in the conditions of the license. The requirements and documentation to complete this license can be found in the Annex III of OLDRUAM.

How to submit documentation

There are two options:

  1. The processing can be carried out in on-line through the SLIM platform, on the Madrid City Council website.
  2. You can do it too through the Urban Collaborating Entities (ECU). This is an option in which private entities authorized by the corresponding public body carry out the processing of licenses and responsible declarations. Consult the authorized entities and other doubts about the ECUs here.

More information

For more information on the procedures:

  1. If you choose to hire an authorized urban planning collaborating entity (ECU) of your choice, they will resolve your doubts.
  2. Or, if, on the contrary, applications are submitted using online processing, you can request a prior appointment at the Activities Agency.

Besides, the VUE (One Stop Shop for Entrepreneurs) offers information, guidance and urban planning advice from local Madrid capital*. You can contact us via email ( indicating:

  • In the subject: VUE – Urban planning appointment.
  • In the body of the message:
    • Name and surname of the interested party.
    • Telephone contact.
    • Email.
    • Brief description of the activity they intend to launch.
    • Last existing activity on the premises.
    • Complete address of the location including zip code and specifying which location it is (in case there is more than one in that location).
    • Photograph of the façade that clearly identifies the premises in question, indicating which premises or sign appears on Google Maps.
    • Identification code (L-10, L-20, etc.)


*For premises outside of Madrid capital, you must contact the Urban Planning department of the corresponding city council

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