Intellectual property multiplies financing options

intellectual property


  • The startup with intellectual property they multiply their financing opportunities


In the world of startup, obtaining financial backing and securing financing constitutes a competition to drive business ambitions. In this context, having your own patents and registered trademarks can make the difference between success and failure when seeking the necessary support to find financing.

According to a study carried out by the European Patent Office (EPO) and the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), the startup Those who have registered patents and trademarks during their launch process or in the initial phases of growth are up to 10.2 times more likely to obtain financing.

The study analyzes to what extent patents and trademarks can boost the success of European startups in Europe. Furthermore, the report reveals that 29% of these startups have registered intellectual property (IP) rights, the proportion being different depending on the sector considered.

Specifically, biotechnology leads the way in the use of IP, with almost half of the startups in this sector using patents or trademarks. They are followed by other sectors such as science and engineering (with 25% of patent users and 38% of trademark users), healthcare (20% of patent users and 40% of trademark users) and industrial manufacturing (20% of patent users and 36% of trademark users.

The conclusion of the study focuses on the relationship between obtaining IP rights at an early stage and the probability of receiving subsequent venture capital financing. Specifically, the startup Those who applied for patents in the initial growth phase have a probability of 6.4% of receiving financing, while those who applied for trademarks remain at 4.3%.

These data suggest that the image of the startup with trademarks or patents are perceived as more attractive to investors. The study highlights the situation of the startup advanced technology, known as deep tech, who face challenges in creating innovative technologies. These companies require large investments and long time-to-market. Therefore, investors are willing to be patient and wait for results, since they have this long-term guarantee.

These findings have significant implications for the European business ecosystem and highlight the importance of protecting innovation through IP rights. The application for registration of intellectual property rights varies between countries: Finland and France lead the ranking with the highest percentage of startup with some registration in intellectual property, with a 42%. They are followed by Germany and Austria with a 40%, Denmark with a 34%, Italy with a 39%, the Czech Republic with a 31%, Sweden with a 34% and Switzerland with a 32%. In Spain, the percentage of businesses that have registered intellectual property constitutes 22%.

This research by the EPO and EUIPO provides the basis for policies that encourage the protection of innovation and promote an enabling environment for startups to thrive across Europe.

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