The best entrepreneurship meetings 2024

The best entrepreneurship meetings in Spain during 2024


  • 2024 has begun with an agenda full of entrepreneurship and innovation events throughout Spain


After 2023 in which more than 100 events on innovation and technology were held, this year looks even more promising. In every city, entrepreneurs, investors and technology experts gather with the aim of fostering connections and sharing knowledge.

Among all the events available for this new year, the focus is on the technological trends that are of most concern today: artificial intelligence and sustainability.

Below is a selection of some of the most notable events for all those interested in the world of entrepreneurship and innovation:

Barcelona Women Acceleration Week

Barcelona, from March 5 to 7.

The meeting reaches its fourth edition, consolidating itself as a reference in the business field regarding gender equality. This quote invites us to reflect on the visibility of women in very important areas for the economy.


Malaga, from March 20 to 22.

Known as the main European R&D&I meeting, this European forum facilitates the transfer of scientific and technological knowledge between science and the business world. It is held at the Palacio de Ferias y Congresos de Málaga and focuses on innovation and transfer in sports sciences.

Innova Bilbao

Bilbao, from April 19 to 20.

A conference focused on innovation and development is being held at the Guggenheim Museum. marketing digital, with the participation of various experts in different areas such as new technologies, economics or the internet.

South Summit

Madrid, from June 5 to 7.

La Nave Madrid will host the 13th edition of the event as a meeting point that brings together entrepreneurs, investors, startups and corporates to establish connections within the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem.

OpenExpo Europe

Madrid, June 13.

The event is a platform to offer sponsorship opportunities, roundtables and workshops within the ecosystem. This year, topics such as the impact and revolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be addressed.

Zaragoza Startup Fest

Zaragoza, October 2 and 3.

This annual meeting brings together more than 500 attendees, investors and startup to foster collaboration, exchange ideas and business growth through specialized conferences and workshops by expert professionals in the field.

Startup OLÉ

Salamanca, from October 8 to 10.

Entrepreneurs, investors and international companies join together with representatives of the European Commission to promote the phenomenon startup. It is held in the Congress Palace and various spaces of the University of Salamanca.

Madrid Tech Show

Madrid, from October 16 to 17.

The Madrid Tech Show celebrates its new edition at Ifema and establishes itself as the benchmark for managers and professionals in the technology sector, covering key areas such as cybersecurity, big data, artificial intelligence, marketing and electronic commerce.

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  1. South Summit, I want to know how much those 2 days cost me in euros.

    Zaragoza-startup-fest, I would also be interested in knowing the price.

    I will be attentive to your comments. I am from peru. And what requirements do they need to be able to go to the country and be able to enter the events without any problem.

    1. Good morning:

      Thank you very much for your comments and for following Madrid Emprende of the Madrid City Council.
      In the news itself you have the links to all the events, through them you have all the information about organizers, prices, agenda, etc.
      We are not the organizers, we inform you of these events of interest to the entrepreneurial community.
      On the other hand, at Madrid Emprende we offer a set of free advisory services for entrepreneurs, which we offer with the aim of supporting and resolving all the doubts that arise from the moment you consider the business idea. You can consult about advice at the Entrepreneur's Single Window or in the network of business incubators from the following link:, from that same place you can request an appointment, in person or online, for advice.

      Kind regards.

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