Madrid Retail Congress 2018 – The Time of the New Retail


At the opening of the Congress, Concepción Días de Villegas He stressed that “If we talk about the future of commerce, we cannot think of Mediterranean cities without commerce, without small businesses, which makes our neighborhood the most attractive to live in”. “We must offer merchants the necessary tools to be able to  innovate, train them and stimulate activities with shopping experiences and create environments to digitize them, such as the  Market47”. Also, we have to work  hand in hand with trade associations such as CECU, COCEM,  ACOTEX, district 12, COCAM, Associations of Municipal Markets and many others, since Madrid would not be Madrid without retail trade“.

For her part, María José Pérez-Cejuela, General Director of Commerce and Consumption of the Community of Madrid highlighted the importance of cooperation between the Administrations and the digitization of commerce as fundamental support axes for retail trade.

Xiana Méndez, Secretary of State for Commerce, pointed out the importance of retail trade as it represents 15% of commercial establishments and provides work for 10% of workers in the European Union. He announced a plan to help trade with actions that include the creation of a Trade Observatory 4.0 to promote the digitization of the sector and specific working groups in different areas (statistics, regulations, training...).

You can consult all the details of the congress on its official website: