Manuela Carmena presents “Meninas Madrid Gallery”, an urban exhibition that will flood the streets of Madrid with art and fashion


The event, which was attended by the media, individuals and companies involved in the project, was attended by the Mayor of Madrid, Manuela Carmena, the General Director of Commerce and Entrepreneurship of the Madrid City Council, Concepción Díaz de Villegas, the president of ACOTEX (Business Association of Textile Trade and Accessories), Eduardo Zamácola; and the person responsible for the creative idea, the artist Antonio Azzato.


Throughout her speech, Carmena showed her enthusiasm for the project and the "pride" of having these "beautiful ladies" in the capital that they are going to give "a lot of play" because they will no longer be alone in the Prado Museum.


“I have always thought that our Velázquez should be more on the streets”, assured the Mayor, convinced that the project shows that together it is possible to found “a magnificent orchestra that is capable of making the music of Madrid sound”.

The General Director of Commerce and Entrepreneurship highlighted that the launch of Meninas Madrid Gallery is the result of teamwork: “Illusion, creativity, effort and public-private collaboration they are essential to carry out projects like this”, he stressed. In addition to turning the city into the largest urban contemporary art gallery, the initiative wants to help establish Madrid as a fashion capital, something that will benefit citizens and businesses.


"We have to continue fighting to defend our trade and our city", stressed Zamácola, who has valued the joint work that Madrid Capital de Moda and ACOTEX carry out to promote the textile sector and strengthen shopping tourism.


The figures of the Meninas, made of fiberglass, with 1.80 meters. tall and about 30 kilos in weight will take over the main streets throughout this week, although some of them have already been seen in Cibeles in front of the Madrid City Council headquarters, in IFEMA and in Plaza Margaret Thatcher during Mercedes- Benz Fashion Week.

If you want to know the location of the exposed Meninas click here.

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