Mutual or RETA?

Mutual or RETA?


  • If you are an entrepreneur, you can choose between two systems: the Special Regime for Self-Employed Workers (RETA) or a professional mutual insurance company.
  • Every self-employed professional must be registered in one system or another


One of the most important decisions that entrepreneurs have to make is to choose to join the Special Regime for Self-Employed Workers (RETA) or join a professional mutual insurance company.

RETA or mutual?

The CHALLENGE It is the Social Security system in which self-employed workers who carry out their work independently can register. Being registered in the Special Regime for Self-Employed Workers means that the self-employed person has a series of aspects covered, such as retirement, temporary work incapacity and other social benefits.

The mutual They are non-profit organizations and collaborate with the Social Security system in the management of important benefits of the system, such as professional contingencies, temporary disability or the cessation of activity of self-employed workers.

The self-employed can choose voluntarily join the RETA or a mutual society, as long as you carry out your professional activity in one of the eight sectors that have this option, including health and healthcare, construction and works, manufacturing industry, agricultural sector, transport and logistics, hospitality and catering, education and services.

Every self-employed professional must be registered in one system or another and, if you choose a mutual insurance company, it will be the one that corresponds to your sector of activity.

It should be noted that, currently, it is possible to change from a mutual to RETA. That is to say, professionals who join the RETA will lose their right to later benefit from the professional pension mutuality, while, if you have chosen the mutuality, you will later be able to unsubscribe and switch to the RETA.

It is also possible to contribute to both systems simultaneously. Depending on the sector, the conditions and deadlines should be consulted.

How to make the decision between mutual or RETA?

It will depend on personal needs and preferences. We explain some key aspects that we must take into account to make the most appropriate decision:

  • The first thing is to study and evaluate the coverage offered by each of the available options and the associated monthly cost.
  • We must know the bonuses that we can obtain and the administrative procedures that we must manage on each occasion.
  • Another important issue is to take into account that the selected entity is solvent, since the contributions you make must be available for future personal situations that may arise, such as disability or retirement.


If you can't decide, a suitable option is to create your own comparison table, taking into account all the aspects mentioned above.

Another possible option is to combine both alternatives. This will allow you to voluntarily join your professional insurance company instead of resorting to a private insurer, obtaining supplements at a more reasonable cost.


If with this information, there are still doubts, it is advisable to contact an expert advice professional who can help you assess the best option. For this, you have available our free advisory service. Entrepreneur Unique Window of the Madrid City Council, where you can request your appointment to be attended to by one of our technicians.

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