Recovery, transformation and resilience plan


What does it consist of?

The EU, through the European Funds Next Generation EU, intends to deal with the COVID-19 crisis in form of credits, for a total value of €750,000 million, to be distributed between 2021 and 2026.

To this end, Spain has drawn up the Plan recovery, transformation and resilience, which will materialize via calls for grants by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation and the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, Autonomous Communities and  Town halls.

Who benefits?

The main beneficiaries will be SMEs and the self-employed.

What is its objective and what actions are going to be carried out?

The intention is to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Boost entrepreneurship 
  2. Drive business growth 
  3. Facilitate the digital transition and drive business innovation 
  4. Boosting the trade sector  
  5. Promote internationalization 

Main lines of action:

  1. Digital Kit Program: subsidies for the basic digitization of SMEs
  2. Agents of Change Program: small and medium-sized companies will be subsidized for the costs involved in incorporating a professional in digital transformation
  3. Accelerate SME 2.0: advice and training, and consolidation of the Acelera pyme branch network
  4. New intelligence platform on the digitization of SMEs: with open data, advanced use of big data, language processing or AI among others
  5. Program of support for hubs of digital innovation or Innovation Hubs (IHL)
  6. Support for innovative business groups and to the digitization of the value chain of the industrial sectors

More information: Accelerate SME

This information is indicative, not binding in any case. It is conceived as information to support entrepreneurship. It is recommended to check the official regulations and, where appropriate, study and consult each specific case.

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