Association for defense of the interests of hotel establishments implanted in the Community of Madrid, of all categories and sizes, from large 5-star hotels to small hostels.

They are currently members of the jury of the Entrepreneurs Award convened by the Madrid City Council.

The Spanish Association of Women Entrepreneurs is an interprofessional association that was born in 1971 with the aim of promoting the full development of women as entrepreneurs, liberal professionals or managers.

Collaboration agreement in force for the promotion of self-employment for women, the promotion of equity, the professional, labor and personal conciliation, and the promotion of the normalized incorporation of women into managerial positions in economic and social life.

Banco Sabadell is an entity committed to economic development and supports entrepreneurs who start up a business. In this sense, it has the program BStartup, a firm commitment to facilitate financing and support for young companies.

Collaboration agreement in force to promote cooperation in order to facilitate access to bank financing for entrepreneurs and businesswomen who make use of any Madrid City Council entrepreneurship service, so as to promote business creation and self-employment, particularly in the city of Madrid.

EBN is a network of around 140 BICs (Business and Innovation Centers, with quality certification from the European Union) and another 40 organizations that support the development and growth of innovative entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs. EBN is also a community of professionals whose daily work helps these companies to grow in the most effective, efficient and sustainable way.

Entity whose purpose is to generate in young people the entrepreneurial spirit that allows them to achieve their goals, within a framework of responsibility and freedom, transmitting the following values:
  • Develop the entrepreneurial spirit
  • Take responsibility for your own destiny
  • Disseminate the operation of free private initiative
  • Educate yourself constantly throughout your life
  • Education in values and respect for environmental, social and ethical issues
  • Set clear and realistic goals
  • Act to achieve them
  • Develop perseverance, creativity and self-confidence
  • Promote educational volunteering actions
  • Combat absenteeism and/or school dropout
Collaboration agreement in force to promote cooperation between both entities in all those actions that allow the promotion of the entrepreneurial spirit in students of all levels, the dissemination of information, the creation of companies and, so that all this helps growth economy of the city of Madrid.

Coworking, consulting and events to create a better future.

Connection between organizations and companies with unique coworking workspaces, consulting and acceleration services and organization of events to generate a sustainable impact.

MicroBank was established in 2007 as a social bank to channel the microcredit activity that "la Caixa" had been carrying out until then through its Obra Social, with the aim of promoting this work with the rigor and sustainability of a banking entity.
In this way, the will to respond to different segments of the population whose financial needs are not sufficiently covered is materialized, through a new model of social banking that facilitates access to quality financial services.

Collaboration agreement in force for the financing of entrepreneurial activity and micro-enterprises in Madrid.

Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness.
The Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness is responsible for proposing and executing the Government's policy in economic matters and reforms to improve competitiveness, industrial development, scientific research, technological development and innovation in all sectors, the policy commercial and support to the company, as well as the rest of the powers and attributions conferred by the legal system.

Collaboration agreement in force

It is a non-profit organization, created in 2003, that works on international development cooperation and social action projects in Spain through the promotion of entrepreneurship and microfinance as a tool to combat poverty and social, financial, and economic exclusion. and/or work. Likewise, and also within his specialization in entrepreneurship and microfinance, he carries out consulting and research work.

Collaboration agreement in force for the use of resources and facilitating access to them for entrepreneurs participating in social entrepreneurship programs organized by Nantik Lum.

Madrid association of entrepreneurs that with its experience and non-profit, helps entrepreneurs to create employment and wealth with the support, experience and business methods of more than 30 years of Réseau Entreprendre.

Netmentora Madrid by Réseau Entreprendre was born in 2016, driven by the strong support of a group of businessmen for the initiative of the Entrepreneurship Network, Réseau Entreprendre Internacional, which has more than 14,000 managers in 122 associations in 10 countries.

Its values are the person, gratuity and reciprocity and its conviction: to create jobs, let's help create employers.

At NTT DATA FOUNDATION we promote technological solutions that, through talent, innovation and entrepreneurship, improve the quality of life and are environmentally responsible.

The altruistic vocation of our volunteers allows us to support entrepreneurship at all levels, promote initiatives to reduce the digital divide and stimulate the search for solutions to social problems through the use and promotion of technology.

wave madrid is a public radio station of the Community of Madrid. The chain is integrated into Radio Televisión Madrid, the fifth regional radio-television company created since the appearance of regional radio broadcasting.

Program Madrid Works, for one hour, reviews the current situation of the labor market that affects workers, unemployed, self-employed, entrepreneurs and those who want to prepare oppositions.