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Here you can consult the necessary procedures to create a company, register as self-employed or the online constitution of new company limited companies, limited companies, successively formed limited companies or individual entrepreneurs. For telematic processing, we put at your disposal the PAE (Entrepreneur Service Point) of the Entrepreneur Unique Window and of the Madrid Emprende business incubator network.

Guide procedures for the constitution of companies

We offer you a list of resources and useful elements to start and create your company.

business plan


Creation / dissolution of companies

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Social economy:

Here you will find information on some of the grants and subsidies that may be of interest.

Aid for self-employed workers, entrepreneurs and social economy entities

  • Aid for the promotion of CSR and work-life balance
  • Aid to workers who are self-employed
  • Extension of the flat rate for freelancers
  • Program for the promotion of collective entrepreneurship
  • Single payment of the contributory benefit
  • Help for the payment of Social Security contributions, after capitalizing the unemployment benefit


More information: Portal of the Community of Madrid

Innovation Check Program of the Community of Madrid

It is about facilitating the access of small and medium-sized companies to technology and innovation, through the direct granting of aid, in the form of subsidies, aimed at SMEs and, with special preference, those belonging to non-traditional sectors. commercial, financial or real estate and whose business model is not based on the generation or development of technological innovations. Thus, it is about promoting the implementation of innovation and the transfer of scientific and technological knowledge by small and medium-sized companies, as an added value and as an instrument for increasing their productivity.

More information in the next link: Innovation Check Program

Dynamic aid and incentive guide

Complete and updated guide to grants and incentives with an open application period

This guide from the General Directorate for Industry and Small and Medium Enterprises includes all the aid and incentives for companies, granted and called by the general administration of the State, regional administrations, local administrations and other public bodies.

More information: Dynamic Guides and SME platform

The help portal offers the following services:

Venues for entrepreneurs

If you are an entrepreneur and you are looking for a place to develop your business project or activity, the Social Housing Agency of the Community of Madrid makes available to Madrid entrepreneurs, an offer of premises for lease, under very advantageous conditions.

Here you have all the information about the premises for entrepreneurs: characteristics, location, rental advantages…..

Grants and incentives for employment

Aid for companies and the self-employed for the creation and maintenance of employment

More information in:

Support in the search for financing

In addition to the aid for financial support for SMEs and the self-employed in Madrid affected by COVID-19, various financial entities have financing lines for business projects.

Calls and grants for innovation

Check the information about the aid and incentives for innovation

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La Caixa: social microcredits from Microbank

Intended for entrepreneurs to finance self-employment projects, small businesses and micro-enterprises.

For more information see micro bank

Requirements: Provide a business plan and a favorable feasibility report from the collaborating entity, in this case the Madrid City Council. Apply online for your appointment with us.

Banco de Sabadell: startup loan for entrepreneurs

Aimed at promoting business creation and self-employment.
The start-up loan is an exclusive Banco Sabadell product for startups that can only be accessed by referral from the Entrepreneur Unique Window.

Created for all types of projects including those with an innovative technology base.
Its purpose is to support the medium-term financing of the initial investment necessary to carry out the projected economic activity.

Characteristics: Maximum funding: It can reach up to 100%. As a general rule, a guarantee will be requested

For a maximum term of 5 years:

  • Interest rate: 5,00%. APR:5,30%
  • Opening commission: 0.50%
  • Study commission: exempt
  • Possibility of 1 year grace period

For a maximum term of 3 years:

  • Interest rate 3,50%. APR: 3,82%
  • Opening commission: 0.50%
  • Study commission: exempt
  • Possibility of 1 year grace period

It can be requested by entrepreneurs and businesswomen advised at the Single Window for Entrepreneurs and at the advisory offices of the network of business incubators. Also, those that are housed in the business incubators and those that make use of the pre-incubator services and shared business spaces.

Those who have received advice on self-employment from another Madrid City Council service may also opt.

Requirements: feasibility report issued by the Single Window for Entrepreneurs in which the favorable assessment of the business project advised by Madrid City Council services will be included.

Other financing lines

ICO Companies and Entrepreneurs Lines

Financing from the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness aimed at the self-employed, companies and public and private entities, both Spanish and foreign, that make productive investments in national territory and/or need liquidity.
The funding may be used for:

  1. Liquidity: working capital needs such as current expenses, payroll, payments to suppliers, purchase of merchandise, etc.
  2. Productive investments within national territory

External link:

ENISA lines

ENISA actively participates in the financing of business projects viable and innovative. It has 3 lines:

  1. Young Entrepreneurs. Aimed at young entrepreneurs who want to create companies. Objective: to provide the necessary financial resources to recently established SMEs, created by young people, so that they can undertake the investments required by the project in its initial phase.
  2. Entrepreneurs. Aimed at entrepreneurs who want to create companies with a clear competitive advantage. Objective: to financially support SMEs promoted by entrepreneurs, without age limits, in the early stages of life, so that they undertake the necessary investments and carry out their project.
  3. Increase. Aimed at supporting the business projects of companies interested in expanding their business or achieving competitive improvement.


Financing for SMEs and freelancers

  • Entrepreneurs Line to promote the creation of companies in the Community of Madrid, on viable and profitable business projects, in terms of generating wealth and employment.
  • International Line: implantation abroad that helps and allows SMEs to establish themselves in other countries, thus facilitating foreign trade and exports.
  • Line for Madrid trade to offer small businesses in the Community of Madrid agile financing, fundamentally to invest in their business and also to obtain liquidity. Beneficiaries: micro-SMEs and self-employed small businesses (up to 10 workers) who carry out their activity and/or make the investment within the territorial scope of the Community of Madrid.

External link:

Specific grants for R&D&i activities

Aid and recognition of innovation

More information in

The Business Angels or private investor are natural persons with extensive knowledge of certain sectors and with investment capacity, who promote the development of business projects with high growth potential in its early stages of life, providing capital and added value to management.

Private investors help cover the lack of financing faced by entrepreneurs in the early stages (associated with high levels of risk and lack of liquidity); they differ from traditional investors and venture capital, in their involvement in the management of the company.

Like venture capital entities, these are investors who are committed to a business project, without getting involved in the day-to-day, but providing added value. In addition to capital availability, these private investors tend to have a high level of knowledge in the sectors in which they invest. This knowledge, its management capacity and its network of contacts are very valuable for promoting the development of business projects that have high growth potential, in exchange for medium-term profitability.

As a legal form, they usually adopt that of a limited company. These investors usually organize themselves by forming networks. In some cases with the aim of converting in others as a form of cooperation in general.

Main features:

  • They invest their own money
  • It is invested in the initial stage of the life of a company
  • Your investment decisions may be other than strictly financial motivations (job satisfaction, etc.)
  • They invest in areas close to their place of residence
  • The amounts invested are much lower than the average dedicated by venture capital entities in each operation
  • Profitability is generally lower than that obtained by venture capital entities

Main networks operating in Madrid

The Innovative SME Seal is created by virtue of the Order ECC/1087/2015, of June 5, which regulates obtaining the Small and Medium-sized Innovative Company seal and creates and regulates the Registry of Small and Medium-sized Innovative Companies (BOE of June 11, 2015).

It is a recognition that is granted to small and medium-sized companies that have a great character innovative so that these SMEs can take advantage of and combine tax incentives which, without this seal, are incompatible.

The objective is the development of an environment favorable to the R&D in SMEs so that innovation is systematically incorporated into the production model of our SMEs.

This new certification aims to expand the bonuses and tax benefits to these small and medium-sized companies, as well as to bring them closer to public procurement more easily.

How to get the stamp?

The application for the Seal can be made by SMEs that are in any of the following circumstances:

  • Have received public funding in the last 3 years (without revocation) through:
    • Public calls for the VI National Plan for Scientific Research, Development and Technological Innovation or the State Plan for Scientific and Technical Research and Innovation.
    • Grants for carrying out CDTI R&D projects
    • Aid from the 7th R&D&I Framework Program or the Horizon 2020 Program of the European Union.
  • Having demonstrated its innovative character with its activity:
    • Because it has its own patent in exploitation for less than 5 years
    • Because you have obtained in the last 3 years a Motivated Binding Report or IMV favorable
  • Have demonstrated their capacity for innovation with one of these certifications:
    • Young Innovative Company (JEI), (AENOR EA0043)
    • Innovative small or micro-enterprise, (AENOR EA0047)
    • R&D&i management systems, (UNE 166.002 Standard)

A Registry is created in which all innovative SMEs will be recorded. Registration will be carried out at the request of the interested SME, carrying out the procedures electronically. These are: declaration as SME; not having had total revocation of justified public financial aid; be up to date with the Administration (Treasury and SS) and justification of the condition of innovator.

Advantages: what is the seal for?

With the Seal, SMEs can obtain better tax advantages for their investment in R&D&i, such as:

  1. Match incentives that are not compatible for the rest of the companies:
  2. Do use of the Seal for advertising and commercial purposes, since it improves the image of the brand
  3. Access to certain aid, financing or mechanisms for which the seal is necessary, such as participation in tenders for Public Purchase of Innovation, or the ICO financing facility.

How to get the Innovative SME Seal

The registration request as it is done from the website of the Ministry of Innovation, electronically and free of charge. The company must be registered in the RUS (Unified Registry of Applicants) to start the application for the seal.

During the application process we will be asked for information:

  1. Company data
  2. Data of the applicant
  3. Company information: number of employees, turnover, annual balance
  4. Provide the document that proves that you are an Innovative SME, as we have seen in the requirements section, for example:
    • documentation on the granting of public aid
    • the own patent in exploitation
    • a copy of the resolution of the positive binding reasoned report
    • or the copy of the official certification recognized by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness
  5. Electronic signature

Then we must wait for the resolution of the Ministry, which can take from a week to 4 months. If you do not get any response within this time, it is most likely that your request has been accepted and you can now download the stamp.

The Seal expires at 3 years and you can renew it as long as you continue to meet the requirements.