Discover the 20 selected from the Carabanchel and Villaverde acceleration programs


  • Participating companies are innovating in sectors such as health, fashion, e-tech or artificial intelligence
  • For four months, the projects will have access to a training plan with mentors, trainers and experts 
  • The Madrid Emprende business incubator network has already promoted more than 257 startups with its acceleration programs


Last Monday and Tuesday, the business incubators of Carabanchel and Villaverde kicked off the VI edition of their acceleration programs. During these welcome sessions, the 20 selected projects were announced that over the next four months they will benefit from a free, personalized training plan to boost their business lines.

Those chosen for this edition are innovating in sectors such as health, fashion, e-tech, artificial intelligence, blockchain, the e-health or the proptech. Edition after edition, Madrid Emprende demonstrates that the capital's entrepreneurial talent is an inexhaustible source and, thanks to these free programs, they have accelerated to more than 257 startup. The requirements that are taken into account when selecting projects are the degree of innovation, the viability of the business idea and the technological nature.

“Participating in this acceleration program will be a boost to help us in certain key points that we have been working on for a long time and, in addition, to have the opportunity to be with other companies to understand how other projects work,” says Esther Cortés (Blin). , one of the participants.

A four-month training plan, free and custom-designed

Over the next four months, selected projects will have a custom-designed itinerary to leverage their strengths and work on the pain points of their respective businesses. The program includes mentoring and specialized advice, along with a varied offer of training given by leading professionals from different business areas.

Elena Garicano, from Counting Clouds, a e-commerce of sustainable fashion, hopes from this program to be able to boost the financial area of his company, thanks to the training plan he will receive, with the aim of scaling more quickly, since until now everything has been based on trial and error.

They will also have access to events and activities networking, in addition to being able to use the facilities of the company incubators such as, for example, the work areas. “Share these four months with companies that are in the same situation as us and be able to do networking With them it is something that attracts us a lot,” says Ignacio Borondo, from WeSpaiin.

As the culmination of the acceleration program, the closing event will be held, known as Demo Day, on June 24 and 25 in Villaverde and Carabanchel respectively. In both events, the finalist projects will have the opportunity to present their business ideas in a presentation format. pitch, in less than five minutes, before a jury of experts who will crown the winning project.

The participating projects of this edition 

Projects of the Carabanchel nursery acceleration program:

  • WeSpaiin: They are developing a digital ecosystem so that Chinese tourists and companies improve their experiences when they attend sporting events in Spain.
  • Counting Clouds:e-commerce fashion company specialized in knitwear for women produced sustainably in Spain.
  • blin: is an app to digitize local commerce, acting as a bridge between local businesses and their customers. The apps makes customers prefer to buy in their neighborhood stores, with advantages such as gift cards, real-time offers, discounts for purchases...
  • AJE NOVUS: They offer a service of interactive workshops to university students, dealing with current issues and launching real challenges from leading companies.
  • Payli: platform proptech that automates and streamlines operational processes for property managers and real estate agents.
  • ImplantWorks: business e-health, dedicated to the development of software for the automation of the design of personalized hip replacement implants in patients.
  • HEWEGO: is a digital platform for the promotion of physical and mental health through personalized programs based on each person's job, the psychosocial risk factors that may affect them, and their health needs and interests.
  • Crystal Semiconductors: specialized in the design and manufacture of high quality image sensors based on CZT (cadmium zinc telluride), through semiconductor technology focused on the security, defense, medical imaging and laboratory testing sectors.
  • Throughout: Online service platform that focuses on personalization, user experience and after-sales communication through artificial intelligence.
  • Feeberse: social network focused on the world of football as a meeting point for all fans, professionals and clubs, where content creators and users will also be able to compete with each other through gamification.

Villaverde nursery acceleration program projects:

  • STOCK IN CAPITAL: SaaS tool legaltech to facilitate business growth and governance. Simplifies the financing and business management process, guaranteeing transparency and legal validity through technology blockchain.
  • Inclusync: technology company that develops innovative solutions to improve the lives of people with disabilities, highlighting its haptic laser glove, a cutting-edge device that detects obstacles to promote autonomy and reduce social barriers.
  • Wanna Supplies: company specialized in the design, prototyping and manufacturing of accessories for the film industry, using 3D technology and machining to offer artisanal products with added value.
  • ARCHANGELUS SYSTEMS SL: offers an intelligent emergency lighting system with LED technology and sensors, which not only provides lighting in critical situations, but also generates dynamic evacuation plans in real time, guaranteeing speed, effectiveness and safety in emergency cases.
  • Musal Defier: is dedicated to creating a chain of ateliers to allow people to wear any desired garment, eliminating the standard model fast fashion.
  • The Q Club: company that revolutionizes marketing influencers by connecting brands with authentic creators, facilitating collaborations in diverse and supportive experiences, optimizing time and resources for both parties through its platform.
  • SHAMUSIC: platform that uses technology blockchain to connect musical talent, ensuring authenticity, copyright and equitable revenue distribution, facilitating collaborations and secure and transparent monetization for artists and music professionals.
  • Laksia: platform that allows you to create customizable reward systems to promote customer loyalty, improve marketing and increase interaction, with suggestions based on data and using artificial intelligence to optimize campaigns.
  • Piicate: online platform that makes it easy to create, track and resolve questions for domestic bets or cheers.
  • Chatflow: company that develops and constantly updates virtual assistants with artificial intelligence for companies, improving customer service, capturing leads and interaction management, guaranteeing an optimal experience in the digital age.


With the selection of this new batch of projects for the acceleration program, Madrid Emprende reaffirms its commitment to promoting entrepreneurship and innovation.

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