undertake with health


Entrepreneurship is a long-distance race and there are days that can be really complicated. Emails, calls, emergencies... Take note of some of these tips to manage stress, pressure and your mental health.

  • Stopping is difficult but very necessary. Being able to have time to think and reflect is an essential part that determines the decision-making process. Taking a break lowers pressure, lowers cortisol levels and increases endorphins, generating positivity.
  • the future will come. Long-term planning is fine, but concern and occupation should focus on the present, not uncertain future scenarios that cause us stress. Focusing on what we can do now, what we need to change right now, is key.
  • Don't lose the north. The beginning of the road had a clear purpose and we must not forget it; In this way we will be able to stay focused on the main objective, the mission of our business project. May the urgency not make us lose perspective.
  • Watch out for negative loopsyes Communication is important, both for our relationships with third parties and for individual awareness. If your message includes or magnifies elements of panic or negativity, the situation could worsen environmentally and psychologically.
  • Do you know how to delegate? A simple concept that can be complicated. The day has the same hours for everyone and you cannot be managing all the ordinary issues of your company. Trust your team and your collaborators; This way you will increase collective self-esteem and relieve yourself of pressure.
  • Less is more. Being very busy does not imply in any case being more productive. Focus on the things that really should focus your attention and your time; This way you will optimize your performance.
  • forget the multitasking. Multitasking can be synonymous with mental exhaustion. To avoid this, focus your activity and organize your time. A well-known method is to plan blocks of time according to activity, in forks of 20 and 60 minutes respectively, pausing between them.

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