The demand for digital professions

digital professions


  • The demand for digital professionals continues to grow, but difficulties in finding candidates continue


According to Spanish Association for DigitizationRegarding the demand for digital professions, there are more than 120,000 technological profiles that are vacant.

In this context, with machine learning or artificial intelligence as protagonists, companies need to find programmers and developers to be able to face their growing technological needs.

These are some of the most searched profiles:

Experts in marketing digital

Its basic objectives are to attract new customers and strengthen the relationship between customers and the company, using digital tools and channels to achieve them. The experts in marketing digital must be up to date with web analytics and search engine positioning (SEO).

cybersecurity expert

These experts will ensure the protection of companies in the digital environment, facing cyberthreats and cybercrime on the network. Currently, the possibility of suffering an attack on the network is one of the biggest fears of companies globally, a situation that can lead to extortion or a reputational crisis.

Developer of software

They are the computer experts who develop the bases of the operating systems of a digital project. They also implement these systems using programming languages, manage development teams and processes, and perform testing and maintenance of software.

Architect clouds

This type of computer engineer manages and administers the cloud structure of an organization. In addition, it achieves improvements through failure detection, manages permissions and usage, and analyzes application architecture.

digital product manager

It is in charge of selling digital products and boosting their sales, preparing the marketing plan. marketing of the company and its digital transformation, coordinating human resources and processes. This profile requires knowledge of different areas and a transversal vision of the company.

Expert in blockchain

The blockchain it is much more than cryptocurrencies and, in reality, it has more and more uses in all fields. Therefore, its developers are one of the professions with the most future in the technology sector.

free training

The State Public Employment Service (SEPE), in collaboration with Fundae, offers free training to acquire skills for some digital professions. through the platform DigitizePlus, users can access training provided by companies in the technology sector such as SAP, Google or Microsoft, among others.