Do you buy pedals? – Pilot home delivery project by bicycle in the Municipal Market of Villa de Vallecas


The different purchase modalities are driving businesses to offer new services that improve their competitiveness towards their customers; among them, those related to the transport of products, with formulas such as home delivery, e-commerce, etc.

 It is necessary to contribute to the search for solutions that allow the promotion of the Madrid commercial fabric and municipal markets, given its specificity as a commercial formula and its important role in articulating neighborhood life, but all in a sustainable and respectful way with the environment. .

 The use of alternative and non-polluting transport such as bicycles and tricycles could be a "clean engine" in the near future that promotes new forms of logistics for local commerce in Madrid.


How will the pilot experience be carried out?


Customers will make their purchase at any market stall and it will be delivered free of charge to their home at the chosen time.

 The customer who requests home delivery will collect a sticker template with a unique identification number. Your information (name, telephone and address) will be completed and you will have 7 stickers to deliver to as many market stalls.

 At the agreed home delivery hours, the bicycle messenger will collect all the shopping bags with the same number and store them on the tricycle, with a closed box, in isothermal bags and will carry out a small satisfaction survey (good, normal, bad), asking for the price you would pay for such a service and for what you do not like about it. Likewise, in the market, the merchants will be surveyed at the end of the day, collecting suggestions and complaints. Based on this, the operation may receive changes on successive days to adapt the service.

 The shipment will have no cost to the client, since it is a pilot project to explore alternative ways of delivering fresh products in the city of Madrid, and the consequent reduction of polluting emissions and occupation of public space is in line with the municipal plan for Air Quality.


 Where when?


The pilot experience will take place on the days April 12, 13, 14, 19, 20 and 21, at the Villa de Vallecas Municipal Market.

 The delivery areas will be those of the historic center and expansion of Vallecas.


Who does the shipping?

 Martino Correggiari, an experienced bicycle messenger in Madrid, will be in charge of delivering the tricycle. has worked for Deliveroo and he currently does it for the bike delivery company Mensos.

 Miguel Samperio, consultant in EBxM, will be the person present inside the market next to the cargo bike on display. If a problem arises with the tricycle, it is available for replacement or substitution.


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