News in Big Data

News in Big Data


  • The analysis and exploitation of data are part of our day to day. Discover the trends big data for this year


In recent months, data has been the clear protagonist and some novelties have emerged in big data. In fact, two procedures have become essential for organizations:

  • Data cleaning and filtering
  • Analysis and data processing

Their combination implies learning new data and many benefits. The fundamental objective is to achieve an advantageous analytical position in relation to the competition and the rest of the sector.

Familiarize yourself with these concepts:

Data Strategy

Many organizations have internalized this philosophy: their data projects are included in their core business.

The company's strategic plans include elements of Data Strategy and any digital transformation process in the organization.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has been the protagonist of 2022, with new and diverse functionalities, such as strategic decision making.

Highlighting some advantages, organizations will integrate AI into their various business processes.

augmented analytics

Augmented analytics uses machine learning and AI to improve data analysis, with fewer errors and more objectivity.

Forecasts indicate that augmented analytics will drive new technological tools for comprehensive data analytics.

Data democratization

This trend means empowering the entire company staff. arise new software and applications for efficient data access and management by all members of the organization.


The creation of the regulatory framework will be a very present trend for the various responsible administrations, nationally and internationally.

For its part, the European Union has increased its legislative activity of the digital ecosystem, from guaranteeing the rights of citizens, preventing abuses by large technology corporations or, for example, the European data governance.

The new experts big data

The experts of big data are one of the digital professions most valued, as it requires a high level of specialized training. And these profiles, converters of data into knowledge, have a great job future.

These are some expert profiles:

  • data scientist: Transforms large volumes of data into useful information for the organization.
  • data analyst: analyzes the data from the perspective of the needs or demands of customers and reports the conclusions.
  • data engineer: specialists in database management and in the design, development and maintenance of data processing systems.
  • data manager: Controls the organization's data systems through efficient organization, storage, and analysis.
  • data steward: is in charge of the quality, security and availability of the data and coordinates the IT and commercial departments.
  • Chief data officer: is responsible for the members of the team specialized in big data.


The data analyzed and exploited is key information for companies, since it can mean anything from a successful strategic decision to a new line of business. It is important to have quality data.

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